I didn’t much care for the version of Stockhausen’s Mantra that Xenia Pestova, Pascal Meyer and Jan Panis issued via Naxos in True enough, Mantra is a . As “Mantra” begins you immediately feel that this is much more than any kind of piano duo that you’ve heard before, and at this point I’m strictly speaking in terms . Stockhausen – Mantra – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online .

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MANTRA is completely composed down to the last tenth of second, though in a sense it is “intuitively-composed” as the product of one person’s intuitively-based musical deliberations at a much slower pace. After abandoning VisionStockhausen took up the melody he had jotted down the previous September and on its basis made a form plan and laid out the new stkckhausen skeleton between 1 May and 20 June in OsakaJapan. The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the msntra of classical music.

Stockhausen: Mantra CD review – virtuosity and immediacy

Top row indicates the 13 sections, 1st column indicates the 12 subdivisions in each section. It’s an unsurpassed recording of the piece. There is an aura around each tone rising out of the doubled keyboards, and the aura flutters and bulges, breaking the waves of the sound into millions of little glistenings, in a magic luster diffusing out of the core tone, three-dimensionally.

If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information. This matches the diagram above in red. This will all be fixed in a new printing later.

The sounds of each piano are picked up by microphones and fed into an apparatus at the player’s left side. The pitches are shown in the example to the right, and the complete formula can be seen at Nordin [n. A formula is a very small musical structure, a kind of musical seed, which like a DNA is programmed with different and varied musical elements, from the raga and the tala to the themes of the fugues and the sonatas, from the musical cells of the impressionism to the serial series, from micro-tonality to electroacoustics.

During an automobile trip from Madison, Connecticut to Boston, a melody came to Stockhausen, along with the idea of expanding such a musical figure over a very long period of time—fifty or sixty minutes.


Final note accent from bar Near the end of the composition there is an extremely fast section that is a compression of the entire work into the smallest temporal space; in this section, all of the expansions and transpositions of the mantra formula are summarized as fast as possible and in four layers Stockhausen So why study the math? In this way, a single statement of the mantra is spread over the length of the entire composition, though the durations of the mantra notes are not incorporated into this overall plan Conen Roman numerals in column 3 indicate which pianist plays the cymbals.

This work involves the expansion and contraction of a counterpointed pair of melodieswhich the composer calls a “formula” Stockhausen3 and 6. He composed in his hotel room for three hours each morning, before heading for the German pavilion of the World Fair EXPO 70 and the spherical auditorium where he performed his music.

Tod Dockstader Organized Sound: Compositions by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Werner Neumeister A thing that at first was a mystery to me concerned the sounds that do not appear to stem from the pianos. In fact it’s probably the longest single piano work I have in my music collection. Composition Artist Credits Mantra.

Stockhausen: Mantra CD review – virtuosity and immediacy | Music | The Guardian

The fast event before the end of the piece which triggered my vision above with the wintry scene of moving people seen through an aquarium in Helsinki is a compression of the whole work into a short duration, where all the expansions and transpositions are collected and displayed very matnra in four layers.

The thirteen cycles of the composition are based on the 13 notes of the mantra stockyausen the 13 characteristics detailed above.

This mystery is also valid for the musical genetics. Musical Behavior From Bar Beginning root note 1. Though this mantra recurs constantly, the structure of the composition is not a theme and variations as found in classical composers such as Beethoven and Bach, because the material is never varied, only expanded and contracted both in nantra and in pitch to different degrees; not a single note is ever added, it is never “accompanied” or embellished Stockhausen Each cycle is dominated by its corresponding note and characteristic.

Cymbal Events 1st 12 on left, remaining 13 on right, inverted. Launch Tabs Welcome Works: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Well, it was no mystery at all. The playing cuts through with knockout physicality; the sense that you are been shown multiple sides of an object that is perpetually evolving, spinning in and out of control, is secure.


Mantra (Stockhausen) – Wikipedia

One other technique to create a great variety of MANTRAs was that Stockhausen would sometimes enforce the rhythm of one phrase on another phrase, filling in any missing notes with repetition or grace notes. Staccatto Db Some people may get associations to a stockhauseb state, into some kind of fluid; not necessarily water, but into some other kind of fluid, like TIME or what the ancients called the ETHER, or something else that bends the senses like gravity bends light, passing by dense celestial bodies.

One of the main reasons I find analysis stpckhausen a huge piece like this to be useful is to identify “signposts” so that the listener can digest such a huge stockhaausen in platefuls, rather than as a huge buffet stretching off into the horizon.

The Naxos version suffered from a narrow bandwidth of dynamics; here the opening woodblock crack, with its accompanying brouhaha of piano turbulence, hits you between the eyes. The piano sounds are amplified by two microphones and ring modulated by sine-waves.

After that I have developed this idea much further.


Stockhausen later recalled that this was early in September Cott—23but the sketch is in fact dated 26 February Conen59— Descending chromatic scale It amazes me to ponder the fact that a microscopic element, an incorporeal sperm, is able to fertilize another human being, to generate a new complex being who contains a plentiful genetic inheritance.

Yet another thing that didn’t fail to catch my attention was the emergence at 0: Admittedly there are a few tables in the analysis below, which at first don’t seem to add much to the listening experience. Also it’s worth noting that in the same lecture, Stockhausen maintains that theoretical understanding of MANTRA is no more necessary towards its enjoyment than knowledge about astrophysics is necessary in order to be moved by the stars in the night sky.

Irregular Repetition Morse Code C It consists of a microphone amplifier with three microphone inputs, a compressor, a filter, a ring modulator, a scaled sine-wave generator, and a volume control. Ravi Shankar Three Ragas. These are also, however, scored! The first pianist presents the upper thirteen tones, the second pianist the lower thirteen tones. To make the picture complete, a cat called Orpo is lying on top of the aquarium, resting the way only cats can.