Polisi-yang-Disebut-Memiliki-Rekening-Gendut (accessed on July 25, ) .. Mengapa Majalah Tempo ‘Rekening Gendut Perwira Polisi” Diborong? June KAJIAN MAKNA DI BALIK SAMPUL MAJALAH TEMPO (Studi Kasus “Sampul Rekening Gendut Perwira Polisi”, edisi Senin, 28 Juni ). Berita Terkait: Kejagung Bersedia Usut Rekening Gendut Perwira Polri ke publik, terkait rekening perwira polisi seperti yang diinformasikan Majalah Tempo .

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Comrnunists must expose the deceitful propaganda of the reactionaries, such as the assertion that social revolution is unnecessary and impossible.

Bahkan untuk mencari tempat latihan pun, terkadang mereka terpaksa berpindah dari satu tempat ke tempat lain. It is always so in the world, the new displacing the old, the old being superseded by the new, the old being eliminated to make way for the new, and the new emerging out of the old. Afterthe Communist Party courageously led the Agrarian Revolutionary War and created the revolutionary army and revolutionary base areas; however, it committed adventurist errors which brought about very great losses both to the army and to the base areas.

Without life, there would be no death; without death, there would be no life.

This being so, there is an utter lack of identity ot unity. A number of police officers owned a huge amount of wealth which was unreasonable based on their monthly salary as policemen. Things in contradiction change into one another, and herein lies a definite identity. This is what we mean by looking at a problem one-sidedly.

Kalau ada pemikirannya yang dapat dipakai, penulis sudah merasa beruntung. And in turn, the pairs of opposites are in contradiction to one another. When the thing is in the second state of motion, the quantitative change of the first state has already reached a culminating point and gives rise to the dissolution of the thing as an entity and thereupon a qualitative change ensues, hence the appearance of a conspicuous change. Things are constantly transforming themselves from the first into the second state of motion; the struggle of opposites goes on in both states but the contradiction is resolved through the second state.


But this state of affairs will inevitably change; in the struggle between the two sides, the power of the Chinese people which is growing under the leadership of the proletariat will inevitably change China from a semi-colony into an independent country, whereas imperialism will be overthrown and old China will inevitably change into New China.

TEMPO Arsip Magazine ED – Gramedia Digital

In studying the particularity of contradiction, unless we examine these two facets — the principal and the non-principal contradictions in a process, and the principal and the non-principal aspects of a contradiction — that is, unless we examine the distinctive character of these two facets of contradiction, we shall get bogged down in abstractions, be unable to understand contradiction concretely and consequently be unable to find the correct method of resolving it.

In addition, among the numerous major and minor contradictions which are determined or influenced by the fundamental contradiction, some become intensified, some are temporarily or partially resolved or mitigated, and some new ones emerge; hence the process fekening marked by stages. When the principal aspect which has gained predominance changes, the nature of a thing changes accordingly. There is nothing that does not contain contradiction; without contradiction nothing would exist.

Without these necessary given conditions there can be no identity whatsoever. There are many contradictions in the course of development of any major thing. Now take the other genfut, the Chinese Communist Party.

The question is one of different kinds of contradiction, not of the presence or absence of contradiction.

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And on the third occasion he won. As we have said, one must not treat all the contradictions in a process as being equal but must distinguish between the principal and the secondary contradictions, and pay special attention to grasping the principal one. Every form of society, every form of ideology, has its own particular contradiction and particular essence. The criticism to which the idealism of the Deborin school has been subjected in Soviet philosophical circles in recent years has aroused great interest among us.

It is therefore most important for us to understand the law of contradiction in things in a concrete way.

Haunted By The Past

You see, by means of revolution the proletariat, at one time the ruled, is transformed into the ruler. Menjadi aktivis dan pejuang sastra adalah profesi yang sangat sunyi.

The metaphysical or vulgar evolutionist world outlook sees things as isolated, static and one-sided. Betbicara tentang tantanan masyarakat sebagai keseluruhan Karena itu filsafat bersifat kritis, dan sekaligus memberi jawaban yang mendasar.

Haunted By The Past

The fundamental cause of the development of a thing is not external but internal; it lies in temop contradictoriness within the thing.

The supersession of the old by the new is a general, eternal and inviolable law of the universe. Lebih lanjut, wacana budaya ini mencerminkan diri dalam karya-karya buah karya Wisdariman yang mereka tampilkan. Since the Party has corrected these errors and has been leading the new united front for resistance to Japan; this great struggle ploisi now developing. Laksono et al, Andaikan anda ingin menerbitkan novel karya anda.

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