Louise Mensch is the author of fifteen novels under the name Louise Bagshawe. She has been a top ten bestseller and has been published in. Book Review: Glitz by Louise Bagshawe. “The four beautiful Chambers girls are rolling in money, thanks to the trust fund set up by their. Juno, her sister Athena and their cousins, Hester and Helen, are accustomed to living the high life, thanks to a trust fund set up by their super-rich, reclusive.

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Five stars in chic lit; but a three in the real world. It’s a quick read though and a good time-killer. Books by Louise Bagshawe.

Louise Bagshawe

No trivia or quizzes yet. Glitz by Louise Bagshawe. This gives a great setting for the story, and the world in which the Chambers women lives is well written and easy to imagine thanks to this.

I thought I knew the characters well, I thought I knew where the story was going, I was so wrong! According to the old rhyme, ‘Monday’s child is fair of face’ – but life isn’t always so glutz. The girls don’t know why they have been asked to attend, considering it has only been two weeks since Christmas. The glittering fortunes of the Massot family, vastly wealthy owners of Paris’s greatest jewellery firm, were plunged into confusion seven lluise ago by the disappearance of Pierre Massot, its charismatic, secretive head.

And what I like about L Bagshawe’s books is that they always feature strong women who get through what life throw at them. Benita Brown Benita Brown was born and brought up glitzz Newcastle by her English mother, the youngest of thirteen children, and her Indian father, who bagshwwe to Newcastle to study medicine and fell in love with the place and the people.

The four beautiful Chambers girls are rolling in money, thanks to the trust fund set up by their reclusive, super-rich uncle Clem. No eBook available Amazon. Their cousins are Venus, a bimbo actress trying to hit the big time and circulating as one of London’s IT girls, and her sister Diana, another trendy It girl who loves to be seen in the right places. Headline Review Glamour Louise Bagshawe. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. They all instilled an emotion in me.


If you would like to read other reviews check out my blog at http: Her sister Diana scorns the idea of “working” even as an actress and intends to spend her life being gliz IT girl on the social scene.

But if you are a fan of her work then glirz will probably enjoy this. Headline Review Passion Louise Bagshawe. One set of sisters Diana and Venus do not have any parents due to a car crash and live at boarding school, while the other set of sisters Juno and Athena have a basic life growing up with mum and dad in a loving family home even if they don’t have as much as everyone else.

The beginning lags, the four Chambers ladies, named after goddess, are flat in the beginning but when they are cut off from their insanely rich and now loujse one too, they develop character.

Glitz by Louise Bagshawe

When Clem summons his nieces to his mansion in the Seychelles to announce his engagement to Bai-Ling, the four girls instantly know trouble’s afoot. Nov 01, 3min45secs rated it really liked it. Headline Review Destiny Louise Bagshawe.

The book was basically set worlds apart from my own life, which I found intriguing, and once I sorted in my head which cousin was which, I loved the storyline!

Jun 07, Annika Lee rated it liked it. Diana is the famous “It girl”, people are demanding her to attend premieres, parties, openings all to have her name associated with them. Juno is the only one who is married. I loved the characters in this story and have felt it very hard to say goodbye to them now the book is finished. I thought the ending negated the point of the whole book.

Mar 02, Goddess Of Blah rated it did not like it. After reading Glamour one of my favorites and Sparkles I was excited to get this book. Two women from two different worlds, but these tall poppies have much more in common than they think.

But as is the case with the 2 novels previous to this one Sparkles and Glamourthere has been something missing from her books which I don’t feel makes the book as good as it could be.


Louise married Anthony LoCicero, and they had three children, but since Juneshe is married with her second husband Peter Mensch. They only see him once a year when they are summoned to see him.

Their Uncle Clem was completely sadistic and a total weirdo, but made for a really good bad guy.

I think every book should have a main character which is likeable and the reader can somewhat relate to, but this book just didn’t have that. Hardcoverpages.

Louise Bagshawe

Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! Definitely one to recommend if you need a little self absorbed pick me up. And after reading the book, I started to understand why this book was compared to a glass of champagne Her ambition is to become a research fellow in Oxford university, but her oluise are shattered when the position is awarded to a male candidate who received much lower marks than she did.

I found that the plot takes to long to develop and as I am a person who likes to get straight to the point I got bored and decided to put the book down. I actually found myslef One for chick-lit lovers. Glita, for heaven’s sake. Overall, a great read. I’ve discovered that chick-lit is definately my thing!

With her titles and covers, bagshawe is aiming purely at female readers. She’s stuck in a dead-end job and her relationship history is a tale of woe. Newer Post Older Post Home. But when he summons his nieces to his mansion in the Seychelles to announce his engagement to Bai-Ling, a woman young enough to be their baby sister, the girls know the party could be over. As you can tell by their names, the Chambers women aren’t your average thirty-something year old ladies.