LM Datasheet PDF Download – LM Temperature Controller, LM data sheet. (1) For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the datasheet. Basic Temperature Sensor Simplified Schematic. Calibrated Sensor. 1 . LM National Semiconductor datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets ( data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic .

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The LM is a highly accurate temperature measurement. The output voltage of the LM is directly proportional to.

LM (NSC) PDF技术资料下载 LM 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/8 页)

An active shunt regulator is connected across the power. The input bias current datasheett low and relatively constant with. The LM uses the difference in emitter-base voltage of. The LM is available in two package styles a metal can. LM to the temperature souce The LM is rated for.


Y Uncalibrated accuracy g 10 C. Y Internal op amp with frequency compensation.

Y Can be calibrated in degrees Kelvin Celsius or. Y Output can drive loads up to 35V. Y Internal stable voltage reference.

Trims out initial zener tolerance. Set output to read C. Output goes negative on. Note 1 C1 determines proportioning frequency f.

Note 3 Either V b or V a can be ground. Thermometer With Meter Output. Select I Q s R1.

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Meter Thermometer With Trimmed Output. V z e Shunt regulator voltage use 6 D T e Meter temperature span K. I M e Meter full scale current A. T O e Meter zero temperature K.

PDF LM3911 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

The 0 01 in the above and following equations is in units of V K or V C. Selected as for meter thermometer except T O should. V z e Shunt regulator voltage. datasjeet

D T e Temperature span K. T O e Temperature for zero output K. V O e Full scale output voltage s 10V.

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Ground Referred Centigrade Thermometer. Two Terminal Temperature to Current Transducer. V Z e Zener voltage V.


I L e Low temperature output current A. I H e High temperature output current A. The 0 01 in the above and following equations is in units of V K or V C and is a result of the basic 0 01V K sensitivity of the transducer.