LiTraCon is a trademark for a translucent concrete building material. The name is short for “light-transmitting concrete”. The technical data sheet from the. The inventor of Litracon™ – Light-Transmitting Concrete is Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi. He invented this material in He filed his. Litracon, a light-transmitting concrete developed by Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi, evoked a tremendous response within the international.

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This is ideal for green buildings. The concrete mixture is made from fine aggregate and cement.

LiTraCon – Wikipedia

A wall made of LitraCon short for light transmitting concrete is claimed to have the strength of traditional concrete and an embedded array of glass fibres. Optical fibres transmit light so effectively that there is virtually no loss of light conducted through the fibres. The hope is that this new material will transform the interior appearance of concrete buildings by making them feel light and airy rather than dark and heavy. Tags intelligent interfacial material multidimensional process product recombinant repurposed transformational ultraperforming.

Let There Be Light!

The cast material is cut into panels or blocks and polished. Suddenly the solid transmittlng material gives a light translucent aspect that transmits dramatic shadows like a screen. A combination of optical fibers and fine concrete, Litracon may be produced in panel form as well as prefabricated building blocks.

Inhe started a German company named Litracon Bt and started producing Litracon commercially. Despite their relatively small proportion—only 4 percent of the total volume of the blocks—the parallel optical fibers transmit light effectively through walls up to several meters thick.


And with green building gathering momentum, it becomes even more necessary to optimally utilise natural resources. Subscribe to Transmaterial via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Rather than weaken the material, the web of glass actually lends strength to the concrete by creating a litraco aggregate.

Background Light transmitting concrete was first mentioned in a Canadian patent. Beautiful and green Smart transparent concrete is aesthetically pleasing. Designed by Hungarian Aron Losonczi, Litracon creates a mysterious light material that retains the strength and texture of concrete.

With energy savings and heat insulation among its properties, it is clear that translucent concrete is the future. Due to the fabulous properties of fibre optics, light can transmit through up to twenty meters of Litracon.

Multimode graded-index fibre, multimode step-index tansmitting and single-mode step-index fibres. Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, trendir.

Flowing Interior Design in Concrete and Glass.

Light transmitting concrete or translucent concrete is a concrete-based building material with light-transmission properties owing to embedded light optical elements, usually optical fibres.

This results in a certain light pattern on the other surface, depending on the fibre structure.

LitraCon – About us

Translucent concrete can enhance security in places like schools, museums and prisons where people and their actions can be seen, but not their entire image, thereby protecting their privacy as well. The disadvantage is that this concrete is expensive because of the optical fibres.

It is used in fine architecture as a facade material and to clad interior walls. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Because of their small size, the fibers blend into the concrete, becoming transmittting component of the material like small pieces of ballast. Glass fibers lead light by points between the wall surfaces.


It is quite expensive, as it is pretty rare – but it is indeed one of a kind. Tags materialrecombinant.

LiTraCon (light transmitting concrete)

Moreover, the blocks are load-bearing and provide the same effect with both natural and artificial light. Notify me of follow-up conctete by email. DysCrete Nov 18, No Comments. Smaller or thinner layers allow an increased amount of light to pass through the concrete.

POF-based transparent concrete can even be regarded akin to art, making transkitting suitable for museums and specific exhibitions rather than just a oitracon material. An innovative material, light transmitting concrete, or LitraCon, is still partially in the development stage.

On top of each layer, a layer of fibres is infused. Litracon uses a matrix of glass optic fibres to transmit light through the concrete. Thousands of fibers run side by side transmitting light between the two main surfaces in each block.

Smart Concrete Stress-detecting ligght Smart concrete is capable of sensing the Jul 29, That said, translucent concrete is a great way to save electricity and money.