Shop Linex Usb Pll Fm Transmitter – Windows Mac Linux. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. I just picked up one of these. PDA-M QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. I’m very pleased. It sends. Linex fm transmitter. likes · 1 talking about this. linex fm transmitter.

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But it worked for the most part. Click here to enroll.

The Linex is small, about the size of the iPod, but not tiny like an iTrip. I hosted a dinner party some time ago, and I planned to screen a movie using my fransmitter and a borrowed LCD projector. Mon Feb 27, I still got one that does the full range from Learn about microphones, RF oscillators, and how FM radio works. Output power is 25 Watts.

The volume of sound needed to trigger the circuit is adjustable. What frequencies do they support? You then press the power button on the front.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have been distracted by outside business and other affairs. I just got it today, but so far looks good.

Linex FM transmitter review

Your email address will not be published. I was thinking about getting an iRiver AFT, but this looks even more useful, and cheaper to boot. A range of meters can be expected and, given a good antenna and FM receiver, transmitteg can be expected. If you are interested in this product for resale or transmitfer please contact the sales department for more information and pricing. I visited the local electronics store and purchased a battery-powered FM transmitter that was designed for transmitting from a CD or MP3 player to a car radio.

Can you test the range? Jan 3, Posts: Sit back and enjoy 20Hz – 15Khz frequency response, booming bass, and crisp high end! These aren’t going to….

Tue Apr 04, 2: The transmitter itself is digitally controlled and is extremely user friendly. Fri Apr 21, 2: Copyright by The Mind Factory, all rights reserved.


A neat way to catch a thief in another room tarnsmitter garage.

The two stage transmitter has good range and the circuit powers do. To my shock, when I tried it at home, the sound quality was really bad.

LineX FM Transmitter | Ted’s Blog

Includes low pass filter design. Also it is a pain to switch frequencies since it is done through 3 dip switches the first frequency is off-off-on, the second is off-on-off, the third is off-on-on, etc.: An electret microphone is used to add sensitivity.

The FM transmitter has a standard 3. An electret microphone is used to add sensitivity.