The closest I ever came to a religious experience was listening to Ivan Illich. it or not). I devoured both Medical Nemesis and Limits to Medicine,† and now . In this book, Ivan Illich offers a harsh critique of health care as provided in western industrialized societies during the s. However, he did. This is the opening statement and basic contention of Ivan Illich’s searing social critique. In Limits to Medicine Ivan Illich has enlarged on this theme of disabling.

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Medical Nemesis – The Expropriation of Health. I do not think it is useful to encourage the view that drugs are more helpful than the evidence suggests they are. I don’t agree with some of his suggested solutions, such as his claim that our only alternative is to create conditions in society for equitable autonomy.

Doctor Skeptic: Book review: Limits to Medicine

The ability to cope with this trio autonomously is fundamental to his health. This was a big detractor to getting through this book.

Much of the book is taken up with an explanation of the three main forms of iatrogenesis harm from medicine. Preview — Limits to Medicine by Ivan Illich. If ivvan isn’t right, at least he makes us think.

But unllike Prometheus, we are all suffering from the ever-lasting punishment of our medical hubris. There is so much in this book that gets right to the heart of the problem we face. Bahkan mengalahkan alim ulama dan agamawan.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The wishful thinking that medicine has come to embody obscures the limitations of the human condition, leaving people less aware of their own nature.

Reading this as a medical student it made the most perfect lucid sense. Limits to Medicine put my unease into words. If there are illnesses with biological causes for the rest of the body why illicj there not be for the brain?

Though not optimistically, but positively. Notify me of new comments via email. We have paid for this irrational expectation with our autonomy, our dignity and our ability to endure.

Limits to Medicine : Ivan Illich :

The current state of medical thought takes the patient, a person, and turns them into an object with a problem to be fixed. Commentary Mwdicine your annotator first encountered this book in he was skeptical that it could be relevant at the time having been first published in These companies will fail because of pharmacogentics and in particular the emerging Cytochrome P test.

Cultural iatrogenesis also manifests when professionally organized medicine supplants community responses to health problems people in that community experience: The medical field ivaan does have its problems, but I think Illich is a little biased. But good reading for people in medical professions.

Limits to Medicine : Medical Nemesis – The Expropriation of Health

The book may be heavy going and hard to swallow at times but so is reading a years subscription to NEJM, Science or Nature. Medicine has created a myth that we can heal everything, given enough time and money.


Many of the messages take you outside your comfort zone and force you to consider whether or not we are better off because of modern medicine. Many of the most useful, such vian vaccination, are relatively simple and can be administered without too much interference.

Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health

There was also something disconcerting for me about the relentless study of the facts of the human body. Big is not better, in fact, it’s harmful. Then again, much of what he is saying is not measurable, like the loss of autonomy of the individual to cope with what life has dealt them. In this radical contribution to social thinking Illich decimates the myth of the magic of the medical profession. We’re now in a myth of consumption from industrial progress, and blinded by it, we know no limitations.

Dr Skeptic 20 January at It really needs drastic change, but we need more people to educate themselves and take back responsibility over their own health.