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I’m finally writing a proper book review for one of my favourite books of all time after reading it for the third time.

It’s in the book, obviously, and may I say, it is even creepier than in the film. And in my humble opinion, the author has captured all of it perfectly! It was exodcista with malevolence, hatred and disgust.

as El ExorcistaWilliam P. Blatty

Most of the book was about the psycharists that were treating her and their thoughts about what was causing her mental illness. Also visit my web site:: A little like an updated version of Lovecraft meets Tolstoy meets Kafka.

It was well written, it scared me pretty damn good and it had great, memorable characters. In which case, there could only really be one clear outcome.

Most of the book was no one believing that the daughter Ragan was possessed, but instead that she just had some psychological problems which were causing her transformation of an innocent girl to a stark raving lunatic. Quotes from The Exorcist. Because us guys feel it in our stomachs. The b,atty were crisp and very very on point.


The only reason I wanted to watch it again is because I wanted to see if they had some of the really disturbing things in the movie that were in the book. Get it now, and start battleing your friends over LAN: Unless I somehow missed that part. However, to save time, go to Bing.

This merely isn’t a story about the possession of a young girl, but its really a commentary on a vast range of topics such as faith and the lack of it, to what exists after death, if anything exists at all. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Certain infamous scenes of the film are a lot more graphic and highly disturbing in the book. He is an elderly Jesuit priest named Lankester Merrin.

The priest doesn’t want to perform the exorcism, he wants Regan’s case to be scientifically explainable; he wants to think of the exorcism as a forgotten superstition of past times.

I thought this linro a substrate of eeriness to the story.

Karras llibro an academic approach to the situation and, after numerous encounters with Regan and her alternate personality, he wonders if there might be something to this talk of demonic possession. He bowed his head. Something that wants us to be wrapped up in our hate and anger and displaced blame so that we are found weak and distracted.

A sweet, pre-teen girl gets soul-jacked by a demon and proceeds to expel various manner of noxious excreta from her various orifices while fe more barbs and insults than a Don Rickles standup routine.


The Exorcist

Want to Read saving…. The movie leaves no doubt that Regan was possessed lirbo that she is saved when the demon jumps ship into Father Karras before the “now possessed” priest does a Greg Louganis out of the window.

They all had different shades, which made the book interesting and kept it from getting monotonous.

There are few scenes that had me completely grossed out but this book is a definite page turner. It is the Priest who encourages the non-believing mother to seek out medical help. Karras wants the possession, wants to know that a demon has taken up residence in the child, because this will be his definitive sign from God that his faith is real. So I gladly mucked up my heart and my mind with grotesque language and offensive, vivid details in order to finish.

HELP ME Father Karris turns to the Church for the persmission to do the exorcism, and it is granted to him though he’s not allowed to actually perform the ritual.

So, not so ironically, in the same way that you have faith to believe in God, well, the blatfy requires of you to have “faith” to believe in the existence of The Devil. That loss was too great, that pain too keen. Check them out online: The Smell and Sound of Evil: