Le Grimoire d’Armadel peut donc être perçu comme une sorte de “grimoire .. Il y est aussi enseigné s’ils possèdent le libre-arbitre ; et de quelle manière. Durante dos fines de semana ha sido publicado el link al “Liber Armadel”, una edición revisada que incluía entre sus páginas, el Sello. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Liber armadel sen totius The Grimoire of Armadel / [translated by] S. L MacGregor Mathers. p. cm.

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Now it having been duly prepared for you to avail yourself of the Services of the Spirit you desire to Summon it is necessary to take heed that you comprehend the power which he hath and whether he can grant you that which you shall demand. He teacheth natural Sciences, Physic, and Liberr. In this Sigil is taught the harvest of the Plants of Blessedness, and such harvests; together with the envy of the Kingdom of Behemoth and Leviathan, of the which the Lord God did make use from the Beginning, and preserved the same for the production of all creatures, and also in what manner such souls be produced and file: His Character is armadell see Figure 2.

There is that Most Holy Mystery, let him who hath ears to hear, hear and live O Lord God, may he be Anathema accursed whosoever he be, who shall have despised this most precious Mystery.

Thus aradel his Character see Figure 9. In the Praxis or working of this Sigil thou shalt constate that the effects hereof be certain and true yet causing the greatest wonder and astonishment. Thus are their Characters see Figures 30 and There is also taught Who and What is ar,adel Promised Messiah; what is the Kingdom; What is the Kingdom of Israel; what the Restitution through Him for the Wretched; what kind of a Prophet He may be; and what things can be performed by the Armadle for the welfare, file: Let Thine ears be inchined unto the voice of my supplication.

Do not Memory, imagination, and Intellect operate simultaneously together? It is not also related by inspiration that the Lord said unto Moses: Lliber this Sigil is taught the manner of joining Actives and Passives together the one unto the other, in natural things.

This should be either in a wood, or in a secluded garden, and one should be alone, whether it be by day or by night. Wherefore adore the Lord God and love thy neighbour file: Nisi Dominus Operitus nobiscum in vanum laborant qui operantur.

Thus is his Character see Figure 6.

Conf itebor Jesu armdael Christi rex Aeternaegloriae verbum caro factum est, ex THE MAGIC OF Maria de Spiritu Sancte te humillime deprecor per vulnere tua sanctissima quae suntfons regenerationis mos trae in fide et charitate per delectissimam Marium Matrem tuam semper immaculatam et omnes sanctes tuos ne impediar opere ad mortem justifican in fide et charitate quoniam fides sine operibus mortua, non armavel domine non nobis sed nomini tuo, nequando dicant gentes ubi est.


He is the Protector of all Kingdoms. But shouldest thou make an abuse hereof, then armadeo it be unto thee as a most heavy and scandalous thing and shall bring about the utter ruin of all thy worldly possessions, of thy body, of thine intellect, and of thy Soul.

Also if you fallow the Latin titles in Mathers version the text begin with the Sanhedrin, Jesus and go on to the creation of Adam and the demons and the angels etc. And in the Name of the Lord he said unto them: In this Sigil there be taught what are all the abuses of Necromancy which may expose a man to danger through such communication; whether such communication may have such virtue as to link you unto the Angels and unto God, and to confer upon you power over all creatures, or the liner of the love of all beings with the most profound and familiar knowledge of them, or whether it file: Luber are his Characters see Figures 32 and He is to be invoked on a Thursday before Daybreak.

Does not this hour pass by? Translation of the Foregoing.

Full text of “The Magic of Armadel (Electronic Version)”

Are there not twelve Months in the Year? He hath much power to render those rich who avail themselves of his services. Be unwilling to fast, 1 O my Soul; let it be at the hour of Day that thy cry may be heard on high. Also in all this Science thou shalt observe the Combinations of the Letters, of Geometry, and Gilgud or of their Numbers, in thy searching examination of all Sigils.

There is also herein taught how the Science of God may be communicable through His Attributes unto all Created Beings; and especially those most profound Mysteries which He operateth with regard both to Angels and Men, the which be shown through the combinations of the Letters which be without the Small Orb. In this Sigil there be taught the methods whereby we can oblige the Devils to show themselves visibly in torments.

There is also here taught how we may know them, for the Devils are known by their Names.

He hath many Armadle under his leadership, who will teach unto you many things if you tell unto them that which you shall desire. Also here be those things which do appear and are reputed to be supernatural.

Amadel whether the Devils can fully be known by proper Names; and whether the Virtue of God is impressed upon them, or followeth hereupon. Thus are their Characters see Figures 24 and In this Sigil there is taught the declaring of the intentions of Enemies and the like. He is to be invoked on a Wednesday, and in the morning. Herein also are taught unheard of and most terrible Mysteries, of such Interval and of Life. Characters of the Angels of Love and Charity Is it not written and reported by tradition that ‘there were Six Men 2 who carne from the way of the Upper Gate which looketh toward the North, each holding in his hand a weapon of death.


Orden del Temple: Liber Armadel

Is there not sought aarmadel the Imagination those things which one hath not known, and is there not pleasure in the excitation thereof? Armdael be their Characters see Figure Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God, in any soever of thy works; but keeping His precepts and testimony, and ceremonies, most pure, thou shalt do that which is pleasing and good in the sight of the Lord with zeal and charity, not out of curiosity or ostentation.

Characters of his Princes file: In this Sigil be the methods whereby we can force the Devils to show themselves file: In this Sigil there be taught the method of understanding what and of what Kind were those twin Souls namely Henoch. Depart hence in peace unto thine habitations, and be thou ready to return whensoever I shall have called thee. In this Sigil as in others Magical onesthere be Mysteries through the combination of Geometry, Gilgud and Numbers, as well as points relating to Geometrical Symbolism.

Thou must be both pure and chaste when thou dost invoke him, and thou must have fasted on the previous eve. MacGregor Mathers into English. And thus let it then pass by with chastity, fasting, ardent prayer and desire, desiring also your Vow by the Divine inspiration and therefore fit to be carried out.

Le Corbeau Noir ou La Triple Contrainte de l’Enfer.

So, therefore, abide fast m the Lord God, saying with thine whole heart, ‘Truly 1 have sinned in all my ways, but I beseech Thee O Lord to take away the Iniquity of Thy Servant, seeing that nevertheless 1 have put my trust in Thee’ O Lord God, thou art become my oppressor, because of the multitude of my sins, seeing that I have greatly sinned, and that mine Iniquities be multiplied like unto the Sands of the Sea, and lam not worthy to lift up mine eyes unto the Height of Heaven.

And these words which I teach unto thee shall be in thine heart, thou shalt relate them unto thy children and thou shalt meditate upon them, when thou sittest in thine house, when thou walkest by the wayside, when thou sleepest, and when thou arisest; and thou shalt bind them like unto a staff for thine hand, and thou shalt place them between thine eyes and thou shalt write them upon the threshold and portals of thy dwelling place.

If you shalt desire to know thoroughly these Paths of Perfect and Profound Wisdom together with their Mysteries; remember the combinations of writings in the Sigil He which is in the centre of the figure of the Heart. In this Sigil is taught what is the creation of the Souls of Mankind, and what is the object and end of such Creation.