A source of Loop info on the Lexicon JamMan. JamMan Diagnostics – from the JamMan Service Manual. JamMan Memory – A collection of posts from the. I’m a guitarist, and I use a Lexicon JamMan for looping, as well as a Lexicon . to put my Vortex into the feedback loop of the JamMan manually, using a mixer. More info on the Digitech JamMan than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! You may also be interested in the Looper’s Delight pages for the legendary Lexicon JamMan. Since there is some Digitech JamMan manual ( pdf).

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An early live looping tool introduced in Mon, 25 Nov Anton Chovit: The newly recorded layered stuff will be at whatever volume the Jamman was set up for initially. So the music required marbles and water? Dave- I tried it and loved ,exicon but as Jon Durant pointed out it is a bummer that you can’t loop it mnaual play over it without adding what you are playing to the echo.

This may seem like an unmanigable system, but it is really easy to control. I really feel like these are the early days for a great new instrument, and we are the ones defining a vocabulary for the future. I have had a lot of fun with this approach, especially when there is no-one around to jam with.

This allows the looping and effecting of loops, etc. I use it with all 32 secs of delay with about 15 regeneration.


Digitech JamMan

Now, rather than using the looping functions, I usually prefer to just use its delay function. OK, so I’m a looper. Here’s a technique I use with the JamMan to get a more flexible, improvisational feel from it. As lecicon as we get some more info on it, it’ll even out. I know the boomerang has reverse functions, does the jamman?

Lexicon JamMan

Don’t have an account? I didn’t realize the jamman couldn’t do that. We are primarily playing guitar, bass, keyboards, sequencers.

These can be purchased through your sembling your unit. But it was designed to be intuitive and usable in live performance situations. When a new rate is tapped in, the LED lights solid on the first tap,then blinks LEDs show the currently selected at the new ,anual rate on the second tap.

Hence the popular practise of running backwards and forwards over the same bit of loop is not supported.

Or reverse, BeatSync can also be configured to put out a trigger once a loop. Significance of symbols varies with mode of operation. I spoke to them about it as a possible update and was told they would record my request for inclusion in a possible future software update. Frustratingly the bypass function mutes both input and output. That way, I could control the JamMan’s delay feedback without lxicon sending signal into it.

Are any of you using a ‘Plex and a Jam Man together? A friend of mine has a JamMan. Tapping using the cheesy footswitches that come with the Jam Man is OK but the response time using MIDI to lexiicon is almost instantaneous and amnual rhythmic loops have gotten noticeably tighter.


Do you loop it on stage, too? Setting Audio Levels 5. I know I’ve grumbled here lately at some of lexlcon Jam Man’s limitations lack of undo and no odd time signature syncing, etc. Any JamMan users out there want to help out? It completely replaces the two tape decks in the Frippertronics setup.

Thu, 12 Sep S.

I only know this from an incredible manuao friend of mine who programs polyrhythms and tuplets etc. I swished it around in my bathroom, picked it up with a stereo mic that was feeding a Jam Man. The echoplex has only mono in and out Rob: Tue, 17 Sep Ed Drake: I did this last week when a drummer friend and I were messing around at his house.

With the echoplex we give lexiicon ways to do this; the knob on the front, a jack on the back for a foot pedal, and midi continuous control. You can Reverse the sample, but results of reversing during playback are disappointing.

Jump to the related area of the forum. If you have already captured a sample, 1.

It was well demonstrated at the music fairs, but apparently did not reach Lexicons sales limits and was soon discontinued. The Birth of Loop David Torn: