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The Empress Pompeia Plotina, a close friend of Hadrian, helps him to be declared Emperor at the passing of his cousin. The intoxicating scent of literary perfection is what will linger in anonymous nostrils, the texture of velvety words is what will invade mental taste buds, and a wave of disarming tenderness and stunned regret will choke the humbled witness of the remnants of two thousand years of magnificence, folly and debatable progress that meander the moors of remote lands that once yielded to one of the greatest men of ancient history.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti by Marguerite Yourcenar (2 star ratings)

I know the deficiencies of this calls, but only through it does a State endure. Hadrian is old and looking forward to his inevitable death.

But most of all, most of all, he needs to know about the man you loved, how you loved him, and for how long- how you thought of him more and more as death came close. Hadrian discusses his public role and his attempts to use diplomacy more than bloodshed. It could have been so much better!

I became enchanted with the process, with the way I was learning and evaluating and reacting and, above all, how I was moved to constant contemplation. The road to hell Is paved in well-intentioned displays of power unrestricted By any ramification, any force demanding reconciliation of the soul, And yet, I find it difficult to picture you on such a path.

La historia del emperador Adriano hecha carta. I enjoyed this a lot. It is then that a need arises of transcending the margins of history books, of crossing the vanished borders, of being a different person altogether. Prix Femina Vacaresco It soothed me, it moved me, the stoic lower case s wisdom of the man was calming and enlightening. But did I believe that Marguerite Yourcenar succeeded in presenting to me a Roman man from two millennia back?

The relationship, like everything else in the book, is presented entirely within the context of Hadrian’s own culture, and I was able to accept it as such. It’s about a lot of other stuff too, though.


Marguerite Yourcenar

His relationships with his predecessor, emperor Trajan, and with Trajan’s highly impressive wife Plotina. The remove of a memoir written by marguerit thoughtful man.

I needed something light to read at bedtime and pulled it off the shelf. She was, in short, a French woman living through the two world wars, a time of extraordinary destruction, when Europe was in perpetual chaos and upheaval. The fact of having lived in a world which mrmorie toppling around us had taught me the importance of the Prince. He spent more time away from Rome than he did in Rome and improved the feeling towards Rome just by being a presence in areas most disaffected and disenchanted with being part margurrite the Empire.

The narrative is first person — so we enter with a bit of suspicion about the reliability but soon that suspicion is removed.

Memoirs of Hadrian, by Marguerite Yourcenar 2 36 Jul 22, I read to amend the margusrite of my education in its neglect of racialised ‘others’, gender outlaws, the materially deprived, all women and whoever else has been mis or under or not represented, in other words the black brown queer trans crip dii poor rabble of the world, and who is Hadrian? What Time throws up for notice enough times to be remembered. It was not so much that he could do no wrong – I saw him as I see a true friend.

Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar

E, di pari passo, emerge anche l’accettazione d’essere riuscito a raggiungere il suo obiettivo yourceenar in parte, e per un tempo molto breve: Make sure he feels the years as you build one temple after another, and fall in love and out again, win one city and watch another fall.

Magruerite 27, Paul Bryant rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is also respectful. Since hatred, stupidity, and delirium have lasting effects, I saw no arriano why good will, clarity of mind and yourxenar practice would not have their effects, too. She first has the idea of writing a book about Hadrian when she is in her twenties, but after several attempts realizes that she is too young: The saving grace for me occurred at the ending of this section: I could see the return of barbaric codes, of implacable gods, of unquestioned despotism of savage chieftains, a margufrite broken up into enemy states and eternally prey of insecurity.

The language is a beautiful and highly stylised French that feels very much like Latin; the cadences are those of Latin, and every word she uses is originally derived from Latin or Greek.


Besides the hard qualities of builders, soldiers and generals that you would expect from a Roman king; he has the soft qualities of being knowledgeable, philosophical, lover of arts, at times poetical and perhaps wise; which we associate with people of ancient Greece — and Goodreads.

Memorie di Adriano

The novel took more than twenty years to write and the quality shows in every line, every phrase. If he cultivated virtues of his men, he mitigated his own vices too. This is how Yourcenar has given us a memorable trip to a glorious world which was and where Hadrian still is.

He fought courageously, but was discomforted from all the killing that was necessary to put down rebellions or conquer new territory. Marguerite Yourcenar has given us one such wonder which would stay by your side both in this lifetime and beyond.

His doomed affair with Antinous makes this point most poignantly.

View all 7 comments. But there are epistolary novels and novels in diary form, so why not this? Hadrian led a singular life – rich in travel, conquest, and intellectual pursuits – yet I felt this book lacked drama. Hadrian, who like most of his class was promiscuously bisexual, takes as his lover a fourteen year old boy.

Duplicate book records with typo. Yourcenar spent years researching it and getting the details right and it shows. You would cry, I think, And rage, and scream, belying all your talk of peace With self and soul listed in this fictional pages, If you were here to see it. It is more a reflection on life and politics, with no plot to speak of. You tell him what happened to you- as fairly as you can, with whatever inner battles you need to fight laid open.

It is a series of musings, reflections, philosophizing and making comment as Hadrian works through his life. Non credo ne rimarrebbe stupito. This was not an easy review to compose, as I feel that looking at isolated bricks detracts one from seeing the monumental edifice built through the efforts of a single man a case of not seeing the forest because you are too close to the trees.