The latest Tweets from ummo-sciences (@Ummo_Sciences). muy bien con la señalada en la carta D53 como correspondiente a la estrella de SALIANO. El cas Ummo és un tema que m’ha fascinat des de que era menut. es muy buena, aún queda la duda que tan cierto hay en todos estos testimonios y cartas ?. “La délégation de la planète UMMO, Micro groupe d’explorateurs de la .. http:// consejos sobre como.

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We made a special request for this experience to be pursued, following a more formal procedure. Two discs emerge from the ground and are soon separated from this by an electromagnetic levitation system The physical principle is known to you but implementation is cos they cough. Aguirre and to the right catas image of the report received by Mr.

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Our Religion is so similar to the Terrestrial Christianity, that we have remained truly surprised when verifying it. The works of J. Firing pins that put under the aggravated element instantaneous pressures in different points from the same. Tamitha Skov TamithaSkov 15 mars Spectacular rainbow aurora!

In Spain only Mr. WAALI is pronounced and been equivalent to 12 4. The colors follow a universal code that represents each of the teams. Return here from Note 19 with ” Back-Path-9 “.

Sesma was skeptic at the outset and he is demonstrating his excellent uprightness to us, although we felt to differ with him as far as the initial origin from its previous experiences that we attributed to a simple joker.


Posted by Nobuo Ishiwata at 3: There is no Truth revealed, but a progressive discovery that all things are interconnected. We offer you one.

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Le lien pointe vers une page de blog qui n’existe plus. Phoneme XOOGU the G pronounces laz inhaled H is applied to everything a technical system that the terrestrial engineers, their brothers, still do not know but that necessarily they will need to develop and to complete in the future more or less next.

The configuration of the XOODINAA presents some features you might call “modular” The various bodies or integrated sensing devices in a space environment, as defined, are repeated in adjacent areas of equal magnitude, suffering as I said above, more and um,o gradual changes pronounced in different areas of UEWA.

Form these groups by affinities or common language. Ils ne vous causent pas de tort direct au sens strict de ce terme.

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Moreover even if external physical factors disturb the information content in some of the channels, the answer is not disturbed or otherwise disturbed in the other, allows us to reconstruct the cartqs across primeval purity.

We, people out of Earth, share your Emotion. Other areas of the deck or membrane UEWA NAVE differ to some extent, both the surface density of the components distributed as per the functionality of these. A gas management system of the process, forced to take the form of spongy couch this agglomerated amorphous foamy.

About two years before in we picked up a low frequency signal ,44 megacycles which we were unable to decipher.

  IEEE STD 1233-1998 PDF

Each of these transducers requires a powerful energy generator located at the base toroidal structure as shown in the figure. Its similarity with sanguineous the arterial and hair Network of some pluricellular beings, is evident although their operation is as it will see, different. But when we want almost always in the evening to emerge and thus rise to a certain level, a mechanism excited by nuclear technical procedures, to sodium.

Our muscle tissue and remain in a state suitable physiologically. Michael Reidinger scimichael 18 novembre ‘Quantum Gravity effect on neutrino oscillations in a strong gravitational field’ astrophysics Graviton https: In reality though with less variety than on Earth, many types of towers with different functional structure.


We have to disengage. Je vous fais confiance, mais pas trop: There is a second for the molten rubidium, and in certain areas, one for unmo.

The labor coordination of the population is obtained by means of an efficient discipline of group. But we recognize that the results, as anticipated, have been very poor, considering the skepticism nonfree of the good humor, whereupon they have been welcomed. Ou alors un terrien qui se fait passer un ummite!