Kurt Vonnegut is one of the most popular novelists in America, and his popularity seems to be increasing. His latest, “Slapstick, or Lonesome. While a young PR man at General Electric, KURT VONNEGUT () sold his first short story to one of the many literary publications that were thriving. Slapstick [Kurt Vonnegut] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Flying to a favorite uncle’s funeral in Indianapolis, middle-aged Kurt Vonnegut.

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Which, by the way, is a big part of why I find Tom Robbins so unreadable- I get it, you’re smart, you’re charming, you’re just like every other straight boy who thinks he’s hot shit. Not long slapsyick, Wilbur receives a letter informing him about Eliza’s death in an avalanche on Mars.

Slapstick, or Lonesome No More!

Just as in Slaughterhouse-Five there was the recurring refrain, “So it goes,” there is a similar refrain in Slapsticka very mirthless “High ho.

Sep 16, Tony rated it really liked it. In fact, this was just a bizarre story about genius twins that Aimee Bender would’ve told differently, but which she could have told. As the author explains in an extended prologue, his sister died of cancer ina mere two days after her husband had also died in a train accident. In his novel he describes a Church of Jesus Christ the Kidnapped which becomes a dominant American religion in the post-apocalyptic world of the novel.

But that doesn’t ring the same for Slapstick. Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. There were some really brilliant passages with keen insights into our government and way of life.

Slapstick was pitched as “hilarious”, but I found it to be profoundly sad. He has his sister, Eliza, and basically no one else. So when a married couple had a fight, one or the other could go to a house three doors down and stay with a close relative until he was feeling tender again.

Slapstick: Emma Reacts – Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library

There slqpstick also many comical observations about politics that still hold true today. The time is far into the future when the government of the United States barely exists and the protagonist of the novel, the president of the United States, explains how things got this way.


Vonnegut also uses elements of grotesque to further illustrate his none too subtle rebuke of egalitarianism. KV calls this book semi-autobiographical. Chapters 28, 29 and The story skips around to different periods but is generally told chronologically to explain his current existence in the Empire State Building on the solitary island of Manhattan.

Vonnegut highly imaginative and intelligent book. However, it is not slapsitck utopian dream. He has just sold the Louisiana Purchase to the King of Michigan for a dollar.

Wilbur married and divorced as a doctor, unable to love his wife or son. When they are in close proximity to each other, their minds meld to create a ‘genius’ that becomes the author of several masterpieces of writing and invention.

Ignore the early reviews of it and give it a read. It slpstick about what life feels like to me. That said, I stepped toward this reading tentatively, with visions of the horrible Jerry Lewis movie from the s in my head. Everyone with the same name would be cousins, and everyone with the same name and number would be siblings.

Every person is assigned new middle names, and those that share a middle name are dlapstick related.

Sep 09, Alex rated it really liked it. After that, people always give him candlesticks.

Vonnegut identifies the root of the problem in the modernisation of production techniques in the world of economics, but instead of suggesting going back to the way of life of the nineteenth century, he designs an anthropological plan wherein extended families are created by the government with the same ease of implementation as in the distribution of Social Security numbers.

Swain wins election to the Presidency, and devotes the waning energies of the Federal government to the implementation of the plan. Well, I am used to the rootlessness that goes with my profession.


Slapstick or Lonesome No More! by Kurt Vonnegut | : Books

This is definitely a farcical style Vonnegut novel that takes the reader into a satirical and dark world that Vonnegut fans love. Eventually, a year old girl named Melody shows up claiming to be his granddaughter. I get the feeling that he was just looking for filler in a book that was already chock full of nothing soapstick. I guess I can’t really offer a better explanation. New York has its own version of the plague, known as wlapstick Green Death, and is hence nicknamed the Island of Death.

Slapstick: Or, Lonesome No More! Summary & Study Guide

Wilbur discovers the White House dishwasher is now his brother. Vonnegut trained as a chemist and worked as a journali Kurt Vonnegut, Junior was an American novelist, satirist, and most recently, graphic artist. Especially grim is the afterlife, which is compared to a slapstikc run Turkey Farm in which all the dead are mightily bored.

We’re all prone for 15 minutes of fame surrounded by an average of It seems to me to be a paen to his relationship with his deceased sister Alice, who he declares he has always secretly written for. View all 4 comments. May 11, Imogen rated it really liked it. I read ‘Cat’s Cradle’ when I was in high slspstick and taking a lot of ecstasy, so I hated everything except the Chemical Brothers.

The author, Kurt Vonnegutsees it as the closest he would ever come to writing an autobiography. I’ve seen this sort slastick writerly tic in some of his other books, and I’ve never understood why he did it. The sense of universalism and equality consistently sound as often as his humor and irony rings. View all 5 comments. Paperbackpages.