Nicholas Kollerstrom is a Holocaust revisionist or denier and the author of Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust: Myth and Reality. This page contains links to a. have to remember that this was during the cold war; tensions were running high, and we North A Walk to Remember Dear John Nicholas Sparks. Buy Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PH D James H Fetzer from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones.

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A Contextual PerspectiveAbingdon: They often had a washing line outside, so after “Zykloning” the clothes and mattresses for an hour or so, they were put out to air. Well, if it was so important, could we not discuss the subject? Bradley Smith noted, “This Hillel Manual is meant to teach Jewish stu- dents how to suppress, censor, and control debate about the Holocaust question,” adding that Hillel’s national office “is committed to the suppres- sion and censorship of Revisionist arguments on some campuses in America.

People were loath to believe that such a thing could have happened – until maybe after Iraq, when we saw how British-American intelligence had fabricated the Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD lie without a tremor of conscience. Nuremberg was a military tribunal; ergo truth was no part of it. But in addition a metaphysical issue here strangely appears, which turns out to be far from merely a matter of discussing the figures, the data. That concept of Pure Evil has ruined our post-war culture.

Over one million designated “Holo-Survivors” were apparently alive at the turn of the century, 27 sixty years after the event, most receiving lucrative pay-outs from the German Government. No trace of this blue hue could be detected in the much bigger walls of the chambers where the gas had allegedly been used according to the Nuremberg story. Which means that h2 and h3 are not simply false but have been scientifically refuted.

Alice was thinking of all the busloads of young schoolchildren going out to Auschwitz and trooping through its big “gas chamber. We’re talking here about a bright, shocking pink. One could ask, what is this building trying to look like? Anne and her Father had spent a while in Auschwitz, where her Father got ill from typhus, was looked after in the hospital and recovered. During the course of one year,Germany’s aggressive policy of enforcing these repressive laws accounted for 1 1convictions.


Pelt’s termi- nology is here confusing because crematoria are places where cremation takes place, but he’s using it to denote a gas chamber. Has the humanistic-rational-enlightenment era that began with Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, etc. Ernst Ziindel is not included. The damnation cast upon me was ostensibly political – people were suddenly averring that I was “far right,” and I had to try and figure out what that meant and why it was being applied to me – whereas no-one seemed interested in what I had actually done, namely synthesize a couple of chemical investigations concerning residual wall-cyanide taken from World War II labour camps.

Why does the word “Nazi” conjure up images of hate far worse than any modern enemy image, as if the War had just ended yesterday instead of seventy years ago? An argument on this matter is winnable. Perhaps, the jew unconsciously identifies with lice?

Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom Review and Commentary

Breajing had done this “blind,” i. This isn’t the same as “Jews in Europe,” for it includes those who emigrated from Eu- rope in the great exodus which began just before World War II. Return to Book Page.

Jews who decided to leave Nazi Germany in the s, as a majority of them did; and thirdly, those who had lived in a “regime of duress” in some way, under the Nazis. Nicholas Kollerstrom, Breaking the Spell 37 Only at Auschwitz, and nowhere else in the world, is there evidence for two kinds of Nazi gas chambers to be found. Supporters of the Holocaust legend cannot have it both ways. Lipstadt, Old Bailey,the latter tried to back away from the plain meaning of his text: He has also written entries for the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers.

That alludes to the total content of iron cyanide, where each average comes from a dozen or so samples – chiselled out from his- toric walls that were standing during World War II. This sacred and holy kollertsrom, so fer- vently held and yet undiscussable – the only thing today taught in schools both in history and religion lessons – will hopefully soon exist only in the museum of yesterday’s superstitions.


Entering Germany after the war, the victorious Allies saw burnt-out cities like lunar landscapes, and German labour camps with their piles of dead bodies. One should not believe its judgments. She had read the Anne Frank diary. See Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust,p.

Hoss was surely salvaging his own con- science by constructing a story so manifestly impossible – yet the world believed it. Normally a chemical journal would discuss these matters, but of James Roth, “Cyanide is a surface reaction; it’s probably not going to penetrate more than 10 microns,” David Irving’s Action Report site, “What the forensic scientist said. Dachau notice no longer there. Decades later, however, Levi appeared with a greatly “enhanced” memory of the fabled gas chambers.

Nicholas Kollerstrom, Breaking the Spell 35 son should be spelt with a small “h.

Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom Review and Commentary – Malcolm Nicholson

Britons have the kollfrstrom of dropping two million tons of bombs onto central Europe, mainly Germany. Breakinv exist of buildings which – the big Holo- caust textbooks claim – was where IT took place, the nightmare technology of mass-destruction using cyanide gas; that which had never existed before World War II, nor after it, and only in Poland.

Anyway, I’m glad I’ve read both Dalton’s and Kollerstrom’s books and look forward to reading more on this subject. I was supposed to accept the derisory comments therein contained, indicating where I had gone wrong. We never had a great deal in common, but would s;ell each other and have some brief exchange. Moritz von Schirmeister was travelling in a car to Nuremberg with Rudolf Hoss 31 March and the two were able to talk freely.