Today’s item is a Kokam SLPB K(H5) battery pack. Kokam is one of the big players in lithium polymer batteries, and. CONFIDENTIAL. QA March 02, KOKAM ENGINEERING CO., LTD. SPECIFICATION FOR. SLPB H. Superior Lithium Polymer Battery. Kokam produces large scale of Lithium-polymer cells. With Kokam patented cell internal structure the Kokam produced cells belong to the largest size (both.

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Wan Hung Lo Electronics. The Kokam cell has been recognized as outstanding technology — reliable and well integrated.

It is suitable for extremely volatile and dynamic operational conditions. These cells can be used as emergency power supply batteries, energy storage system for fotovoltaic power plants, large scale energy backup systems in electric power distribution, backup electric supply in facilities where the continuity of electric energy supply is crucial.

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Lithium Ion Polymer Cells – High Energy High PowerㅣKokam Battery Cells

The high power, energy and safety features allow slpg NANO cells to be flexibly applied in various applications. Upon 25 years of accumulated field experience, Kokam have supplied aggregate of over MWh battery system around the world. This time, current is pretty steady, but the voltage looks like it is jumping around a lot.

Kokam produces large scale of Lithium-polymer cells. Thanks to this feature the cells add minimum weight to any portable device. But also new hardware for the electronic load, so testing conditions have improved. So unless they have a very weird wiring order, having the 1 cell gassing a lot and the elpb not doing a thing is a tad strange.


I ran another test at 8 amps, which is shown in the graph above. With capacities upto 20 Ah these cells are suitable for many applications of portable electric and electronic devices in many professional areas IT, telecomunications, medical, military, aviation, navigation, radio comunication, instrumentation, laboratory devices etc.

Notify me of new posts by email. So overall stability increased by a factor of 3! Below shows slppb additional surface area and much shorter distance that heat must travel to exit the Kokam pouch cells, as compared kokqm a similar capacity cylindrical cell.

Compact High Energy Density cells are small size cells in industrial scale. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This feature enables the user to operate the battery cells under extreme environmental and operational conditions. I never made it to stop the tests before the hard 3.

The NMC cells have a comparative advantage in terms of price, considering its superior performance, reliability and safety features.


Compact High Power cells are the representants of the kokxm development kokqm RC model lithium batteries with capacities upto 10 Ah. Still, amps at 18 volts is more than 2kW, which is quite a thing for a g battery pack…. Design of these cells is adopted to provide maximum energy density per kilogram in this class. It is clearly aimed at RC stuff, having mAh at 30C discharge rate, With no memory efect they have singnificantly longer lifetime than lead acid, gel based or Nickel based NiCd, NiMH batteries usually used in these devices.


Home Wan Hung Lo?

These cells are destinated for any application where an extreme power from very low weight battery is required they can supply upto 35C permanently and 50C in peak below 10s. During more than 16 years of Lithium polymer battery manufacturing experience, Kokam has brought a variety of cells to the market and range in size from 3. Only ppm or 0.

Wan Hung Lo Electronics

But have a closer look at the numbers: A key factor in maintaining optimum performance is to keep the cell temperature within the designed range. Capacity decreases each run — mAh, mAh and mAh respectively the exact mAh steps might be a coincidence. Features Kokam set about to solve the limitations associated kokma conventional lithium-ion technologies, including cycle and calendar life, safety, recharge time, power delivery, and ability to operate in extreme temperatures.

With capacities from 20 Ah upto Ah and current supply upto A permanenty or A in peaks below 10s these cells represent absolute top products on Lithium-Ion battery market.