Since I know that I won’t be able to follow my training plan this week, I downloaded the e-book “Kettlebell Express” by Geoff Neupert last week. Another one of Geoff’s great products, specifically for fat loss is Kettlebell Express . (Please note, this is my affiliate link for this course, meaning I will receive a. In a timely email early in February from my friend Geoff Neupert, I was sent one of his eBooks, “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA” to review. In the.

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That said, my note regarding de-loading, would apply to my own application in the future.

Twelve 12 reps a minute, as stated, equals If you wish to excel in any athletic endeavor, then you are in the right place. This brings me to my final point, which is the point of this book and the only logical conclusion to be drawn from points 1 and 2 above: Perform 3 non-consecutive days per week, for example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Pistol Clean and Jerk Nrupert Top Posts Hiker Conditioning. Click here for a quick and egoff video tutorial on how to perform these exercises.


Have someone do it for us, that is, design our workouts into something that makes sense for us right where we find ourselves in life – busy and quite possibly overwhelmed.

They force your joints to line up in an anatomically correct position when you hold them. The following program is based around the Snatch, the Front Squat, and the Press. Go with one of the biggest bang for your buck exercises there is.

Not a lot of moving parts. Rest as and when necessary. Using a 28kg kettlebell, my numbers increased significantly. Press x 5,5 A5.

Days 1,3,5 perform as many Get Ups as you feel like in that 10 minutes. Each time the sequence is performed is considered one repetition. Press, sets of Why all the different pairings? Choose the gentler ones.

You will end up either injured or burned out or both. For those of you who employ the program, I have several suggestions.

Geoff Neupert Kettlebell Express

Do you have any injuries that need to be addressed? With the Grinds, as instructed, I did reduce the rest period each week – beginning with four minute intervals and incrementally reducing as much as possible.


Because progression is built into the program, you can then look back over the program upon its completion and measure your results. Perform up to 6 rounds total. You do have kettllebell watch, right?

[PDF] Geoff Neupert Kettlebell Express – Free Download PDF

In the beginning of December, I had my first ‘Test Day. The World’s premier network for those seeking to share and discuss high-impact, high-result, super-practical information for the development of superior physical performance. A steady diet of these three exercises will help you feel like Master of Your Domain when performing all double kettlebell exercises.

As many sets of 30 Swings as you can. Therefore, you are capable of handling greater and greater loads with each exercise. After a few choice words, I brushed myself off and made it to class on time. Number 11, in Kettlebell Express. So, kick back, dig in, and read through the rest of this book.