Save on Foster Keencut 40″ Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter from Fast free shipping and guaranteed lowest prices. Order today. Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter. The Ultimat Gold is quite simply the most technically advanced, versatile and easy to use manually operated mat cutter in the. Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat-Cutting Machine. A professional cutting machine. Many years of experience and design have gone into making this the most highly.

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Fitted to the stop on the keenuct head and to the fixed stop, this patented device allows you to dial out overcut or undercut in seconds, with ultimate precision. For further information and our latest special prices on equipment please contact our sales team. This mat cutter really is the Rolls Royce of mat cutters — precision, simplicity and accuracy. Offering superior micro-adjustments and space-age bearings that provide silent-glide action, the Ultimat Gold is built for precision, ease of use and versatility.

Keencut Ultimat Gold 40″ | Lion Picture Framing Supplies Ltd

This item is available to order if out of stock, lead time usually working days from order confirmation. More Info Keencut Ultimat Gold 1. This product is no longer available.


Loading the blade from the back to the front stop ensures no resetting of the depth or pulling the blade out in the material. Upgrade Kits for Ultimat Gold. The hardened cutter bar and self-wiping bearings are guaranteed for 20 years.

Keemcut Ultimat Gold 40″. The bar is only 62mm wide and has a full length gripper strip to make cutting miniature or large mounts equally easy.

Ball and thrust bearings for superb precision and it has a sculpted shape for comfort. The straight cutting blade can be locked down for easy cutting. The bevel blade holder features a fast-blade ejector combined with the front set depth stop.

Keencut Ultimat Gold Parts Diagram Please contact Jack Siwinski jack lionpic.

The bevel blade holder takes almost any standard rectangular blade. Ask a question Your name: By loading from the back to a pre-set depth, the blade can never pull out in heavy board. This sturdy cutter with a single-piece aluminum extruded base cuts: Tough, precise, built to ultimxt and exceptionally comfortable to use, the Keencut Ultimat Gold takes the guesswork out of ultiamt perfect mats.

The dual cutting head features both beveled edge and vertical blade holders.


Flip the lever to raise or lower the cutting bar. Questions Please feel free to ask any questions about this product. Utimat Features of the Straight Edges: Unique sliding gauge pinpoints blade entry and exit spot for exact freehand cutting. Bevel cut angle is Tough, precise, versatile, built to last with a 5 year general warranty on all parts.

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest about our services.

Micro Stop Calibration System: Frees up both hands. Superior Quality Blades Box of Buy From Your Dealer.

Keencut Ultimat Gold 1000 40″

Medium Duty Blades Box of Banners Foam ultikat 5mm Conservation board Corrugated plastic 5mm Mat board Mount board Self-adhesive vinyl Upgrade Kits for original Ultimat and Ultimat Gold Futura slideway, cutting head and stop system have been specifically designed to retro-fit to existing machines.

Roller Lift and Hold System: Upgrade Kits for original Ultimat Purple. Type Mount cutters Quantity 1 Length 1.