Kartal-Pendik Masterplan; ISTANBUL. ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS. URBAN VISION & MASTERPLAN. ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS Kartal-Pendik – ISTANBUL. My intentions were to recreate the Kartal Pendik Masterplan and understand the principles behind it. As this is an ongoing project I do not. Download/Embed scientific diagram | The parametric design of Kartal-Pendik master plan in Istanbul, Turkey. Source: from publication.

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I was wondering whether this method can be generalised by algorithm… Like Like. It is the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial site into a new sub-centre of Istanbul, complete with a central business district, high-end residential development, cultural facilities such as concert halls, museums, and theatres, and leisure programs including a marina and tourist hotels. I undertook this project to learn more about the use of parametric systems in urban design.

This new city-within-a-city will comprise a central business district, high-end residential development, cultural facilities including concert halls, museums and theatres, alongside a new marina and resort hotels. Commercial Master plan Project.

Kartal – Pendik Masterplan

The successful lines are then used in wool-thread model simulation. Subscribe to Archello’s newsletter. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Indeed, these very elements form the starting point for our masterplan design, which utilizes lateral lines to stitch together major road connections from Karal to the west and Pendik to the east.

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Kartal Pendik Masterplan | Zaha Hadid Architects | Archello

Want to see more like this? The design ties together the existing infrastructure and urban fabric surrounding the site by connecting the major roads emerging from Kartal in the west and Pendik in the east. Hope you find this useful.


By continuing to browse our website, mastwrplan consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our penduk policy. The deformed grid was developed by using the boundary curve of the area of interest ,which was broken into 4 parts- North, East, West and South.

The current values used oendik the sliders are indicative and aim to match visually the original design as close as possible to my experience. It is pretty awesome to see this as an urban tutorial by using grasshopper.

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I will try to upgrade the definition at some point in the next 2 months to include Galapagos solver. The parametricist taboo of unmediated juxtapositions implied that we took the adjacent context — in particular the incoming lines of circulation — as an important input for the generation of the urban geometry. Penddik main idea for the deformed grid is adaptation or integration which ever is more appropriate to the surrounding context. Hi, I wonder whether you familiar about evolutionary algorithm.

Thank you so much for the sharing!

The extrusion options are endless. My intentions were to recreate the Kartal Pendik Masterplan and understand the principles behind it. The site is being reclaimed from industrial estates and is flanked with the small grain fabric of sub-urban towns. This calligraphic script creates open conditions that can transform from detached buildings to perimeter blocks, and ultimately into hybrid systems that can create a porous, interconnected network of open spaces that meanders throughout the city.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. As the Kartal Pendik masterplan takes shape, a new urban centre is rising in the city of Instanbul following the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area.


Masterlan it is hard to karta, any tutorial in use of Galapagos. There are some good and bad news. I am still waiting for your tutorial for Krtal, will you update it?

The Kartal masterplan is a winning competition proposal for a new civic, residential, commercial and transport hub approximately 25 km to the south east of the city. However, my thesis is on evolutionary design by computers, so as soon as finish the school year in June I can get back to Galapagos including theoretical background to the subject. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The fabric is further articulated by an urban script that generates different typologies of buildings that respond to the different demands of each district. The longitudinal direction was imposed via a primary artery with a series of subsidiary roads running in parallel.

Share Project Kartal Masterplan copy. I try to follow each step but seems like i failed at some point. Skip to content I undertook this project to learn more about the use of parametric systems in urban design. We use cookies on our website. The project begins by tying together the basic infrastructural and urban context of the surrounding site.

I do think it will be awesome to have some Galapagos tutorial along with this example even it would come to another version of this urban design.