of puzzles. Kanoodle EI Game pdf manual download. Game Learning Resources Coggy Doggy LER Instructions Manual. Building set (24 pages). Overview. Kanoodle is a mind-twisting solitaire puzzle game that is easy to understand, but difficult to solve. Begin with the “easier” 2-D puzzles which challenge. Kanoodle® Duplexity™ carry case and multilingual instructions; Challenges increase in difficulty as you work through them Instructions and Activity Guides.

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Page 4 Do not move noodles once you have placed them into position according to the diagram. Can’t live without it? Level Put 7 noodles knstructions the board as shown in each puzzle. I will pay for it!

Kanoodle Portable Puzzle Game

Please e-mail a copy to rita. Arrange the pieces according to the booklet After you’ve chosen the puzzle, arrange the pieces on your board as shown in the booklet.

Start at the challenging super-pro level and kaoodle your way up to becoming a Kanoodle genius! For adults, these puzzles help maintain lifetime cognitive function.


This is when you start using your brain. Depending on the level of difficulty, you will be given fewer and fewer starting locations. Multiple levels of difficulty will make you wish you studied harder in school. Then place the 3 remaining noodles into position to complete the pyramid. If we had chosen a much more difficult puzzle, we’d probably still be working on it. With the Kanoodle Genius, the 2D puzzles must be assembled on an octagon-like playing surface while the three dimensional varieties take place on a triangular board.

Kanoodle: Over brainteasing puzzles in a portable travel size.

In the 2-D mode pictured below, on the leftyou are given a starting arrangement. Page 13 Level Put 7 noodles on the board as shown in each puzzle.

Then place the 1 remaining Level noodle to complete the pyramid. Solve them all and you can crown yourself a Kanoodle champion.

Page 10 Level Put 9 noodles on the board as shown in each puzzle. Can you e-mail me a copy to rita. Add to my manuals Add. Please excuse the shameless cross promotions! Kanoodle is a simple, yet challenging solitaire game.


Of course, you could jump right into the 3-D puzzles, but that’s like jumping into the deep end ihstructions your water wings.

Or could you send me a copy of the original manual? Using the diagram to guide you, put the 11 noodles on the board see figure 3. They also include bonus levels for you true puzzling sadists.

Page 8 Level Put 10 noodles on the board as shown in each puzzle. Page 9 Level Put 9 noodles on the board as shown in each puzzle.

Learning Resources Kanoodle EI-2978 Manual

Set up the puzzle. Page 12 Level Put 7 noodles on the board as shown in each puzzle.

Your goal is to fill the entire board with the remaining pieces. Don’t show me this message again. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Fill the board completely using the remaining pieces in order to solve the Kanoodle.