PEMBUATAN NUGGET JAMUR MERANG (Volvariella volvaceae) DENGAN PENAMBAHAN IKAN GABUS (Channa striata. Pembahasan meliputi laju pengeringan jamur merang dalarn bentuk irisan .. | Jurnal Penelitian Pascapanen Pertanian | Volume 12 No.1 Juni 45 – Jurnal Floratek Vol 6, No 2 (). KARAKTERISTIK PERTUMBUHAN DAN HASIL JAMUR MERANG (Volvariella volvacea L.) PADA MEDIA.

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Kajian Penilaian Sensori Sosis Berbasis Jamur Merang (Volvariella Volvaceae) dan Tempe

Pengaruh pemberian ekstrak jamur merang volvariella volvacea terhadap kadar kolesterol total, enzim lppla2 dan mda darah. Dengan menyerahkan manuskrip, penulis telah dianggap mengetahui segala hak dan kewajiban yang melekat pada jaur manuskrip. Keywords mushroom; rice stalk; cane pulp; cardboard; organic liquid fertilizer. Blanced merang mushroom flour contained the highest content of carbohydrate The method to be used is to create demonstration plots and training from teams and resource persons who are experts in the cultivation of mushroom, in order to provide skills to the partners for further monitoring by the proponent team until the partners can develop themselves.

The purpose of these research was to evaluate the physical and chemical characteristics of merang mushroom and tiram mushroom flours with variation of blanching treatment. Afterthat watering was carried out until the appearance of primordia. Amelia Ja,ur DamayantyLisyani B. Skilled farmers make packing and are able to seize opportunities in agribusiness without having to rely on vast land, this is possible because of the demplot as a comparative study for partners.

This research proves the effect merzng Volvariella v. This journal can be harvested by OAI protocol. The results showed that physical characters for rendement, color, and white degree were the highest value on tiram mushroom flour without blansing. Tiram mushroom flour without blansing contained the highest content of water 9.

Vol 5 No 2 Keywords Varieties cacao compost growth lettuce manure mulch mycorrhiza organic fertilizer rice seed quality soybean sweet corn temperature tomato tsunami varieties variety viability vigor yield.

The media were pasteurized at about 60 o C for two hours, then the temperature was tentxng at 52 o C for 8 hours. The objectives of this study were to investigate several media and liquid organic fertilizer mdrang the growth and the yield of mushroom Volvariella Volvaceae L and also to identify the interactions between the two factors.


Jurnal Purifikasi Articles Article Sidebar. In Vol 4, No 1 Email this article Login required. Abstract Jaur Indonesia straw compost is used as a common medium for straw mushroom cultivation, because its high cellulose and hemicellulose contents. User Username Password Remember me. Click on the Metric tab below to see the detail. The results showed that media significantly affected stem weight and cap diameter merzng mushroom. Email the author Login required. Seeds were planted after that with seed variation every m 2 culltivation were gr, gr and gr.

Cotton wastes were composted for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 days, while dried banana leaves were composted for 20 days.

jamur-merang-ditanam-dalam-pot1 – Jurnal Asia

It is expected that mushroom cultivation will be carried out by the farmer group continuously with guidance. Super A-1 concentration significantly influenced the number of mushrooms, diameter of mushroom cap, and stem diameter, but did not affect mushroom weight. Pengiriman manuskrip ke Jurnal Purifikasi diartikan bahwa karya tersebut belum pernah dipublikasikan pada jurnal lain serta tidak dalam pertimbangan untuk dipublikasikan di tempat lain.

Physical characteristics included rendemen, color and degree of white, and bulk density. The reproduction of any part of this journal, its storage in databases and its transmission by any form or media, such as electronic, electrostatic and mechanical copies, photocopies, recordings, magnetic media, etc.

Kajian Penilaian Sensori Sosis Berbasis Jamur Merang (Volvariella Volvaceae) dan Tempe – Neliti

User Username Password Remember me. How to cite item. Jurnal Gizi Indonesia Jmur Indonesian Journal of NutritionFaculty of Medicine, Universitas Diponegoro, the Editors and the Advisory Editorial Board make every effort to ensure that no wrong or misleading data, opinions or statements be published in the journal.

Penulis dengan ini bersedia menyerahkan hak cipta manuskrip beserta isinya kepada Jurnal Purifikasi, jika diterima untuk publikasi. Abstract This experiment used straw waste, vegetables and fruit waste from the market and mixed waste as cultivation media.


While the specific targets to be achieved are farmers’ groups have the ability to increase productivity of agricultural products, especially mushroom, so it can compete in local and national markets as tentsng as to increase the income of the population per capita.

The highest production was on 5 days of composting. Home Archives Vol 5 No 2 Sing cultivation, because their cellulose and hemicellulose contents are also high. Penulis tidak diperbolehkan mempublikasikan karyanya ke dalam bentuk lain jurnal tanpa seizin pengelola Jurnal Purifikasi. SuromoRA Kisdjamiatun.

User Username Password Remember me. Most read articles by the same author s Obs.: The best product result was given by gr seed plantation every m 2. In mearng way, the contents of the articles and advertisements published in the Indonesian Journal of Nutrition are sole and exclusive responsibility of their respective authors and advertisers.

Different amounts of limes and rice brans were added during composting The mixture of cotton waste and banana leaves compost at a ratio of 3: Abstract The objectives of this study were to investigate several media and liquid organic fertilizer on the growth and the yield of mushroom Volvariella Volvaceae L and also to identify the interactions between the two factors.

Microbiology Indonesia

The bulk density of mushroom flour was no significant difference. There were no interactions between the media and concentration Super A-1 based on variables observed in this experiment.

A factorial randomized completely design with three replications was used in this experiment. From the results of the initial survey conducted by the proposing team, the objective to be achieved is to develop an economically independent group of people by providing skills on the cultivation of mushrooms with the media of planting waste oil empty bunchesproviding knowledge about agribusiness opportunities in the future.

Three replications were used for each treatment.