Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jude Deveraux is the author of forty-three New York Times bestsellers, including Sweet Liar, the Nantucket series, and A. By Jude Deveraux. ISBN Jude Deveraux’s Passionate Velvet Series Comes Alive in The Velvet Quartet, an Exclusive 4-in-1 Rhapsody Edition. All of England rejoiced on her wedding day. But Judith vowed that her husband would get only what he took from her! At the flower-bedecked altar, the first touch .

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Quartet comprised of in order: In these books, Deveraux introduces us to the wonderful, proud and gorgeous Montgomery brothers.

The Velvet Promise • Jude Deveraux

We meet Gavin Montgomery in Velvet Promise in which he marries, sight unseen, the outrageously gorgeous, red-headed, golden-eyed Judith Revedoune.

Gavin sees the marriage as a way to re-establish his tarnished family name.

Judith is the daughter of an abusive and powerful earl who sees this marriage as his way to continue the family line. Throughout the book, Gavin and Judith have to overcome obstacles due to their having married as total strangers. Judith must come to the realization that not all men are abusive, controlling beasts although Gavin does possess quite devefaux temper and Gavin must see the deceptive Alice for what she really is and come to love and trust his bride.


Highland Velvet follows the second oldest Montgomery brother, Stephen, who is ordered by his king to take a Scottish bride.

Bronwyn MacArran is not only is laird of her own clan, she hates all English. Highland Velvet while enjoyable, is probably my least favorite of the four, since it is handicapped by juee many sub-plots. The next Montgomery brother is Raine my favorite due to his black hair, dreamy blue eyes and dimples.

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His story is told in the third book, Velvet Song. While Raine is hiding in the woods with his band of outlaws, a young woman named Alyxandra Blackett, who has been accused of witchcraft, comes his camp.

For a time, Alyx fools them, but Raine is a Montgomery and a man and eventually discovers her true identity. We also get a chance to catch up on Gavin and Judith and Stephen and Bronwyn from the earlier novels. Velvet Angel is the final book in the series. It centers around the youngest brother, Miles. Miles was my least favorite Montgomery brother in the earlier books because of his penchant to, uh, sleep around. Miles, however, redeems himself wonderfully in Velvet Angeland his romance with Elizabeth Chatworth is fabulous.


This is where we learn that Miles may not be just a randy playboy. When Miles meets Elizabeth, even though he wants her at first sight, he controls himself because he learns of her fear of men.

Miles vows to protect Elizabeth and eventually, falls in love with her. The best part of Velvet Angel is that it brought all the four Montgomery brothers and their respective wives together at the end.

I especially loved how the wives got together to plan the rescue of their husbands and how Ms. Deveraux allowed each of the wives personalities to shine through during this scene.

Knowing that they will get hell from them afterwards, the three jue brothers give the key to the cell to Miles. This series is an absolute jewel and a true Desert Island Keeper.