Lust & Wrath (MM). by Joyee Flynn Lust & Wrath is the third story in Ms. Flynn’s Anything Goes series and tells the story of Mick and Beck. As fans of this series. After Alex’s betrayal, Mick wants to die from his broken heart and the guilt he feels for what Alex did. Beck can’t stand to see the man he loves blame himself for. Lust & Wrath Preview. Lust & Wrath . what Mick had said to Sark, trying to keep my emotions under control as I instructed other wrath demons on what to do.

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Gently, I grabbed each wrist and pinned him to the bed until he calmed down. Leap in the Dark. As much as everything in me screamed to wake him back up and convince him that he had to live, that people needed him, that I needed him, it was better for him to rest.

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Whiskers, Mane, and a Biter. But then why not tell us that when he knew he would die? Dec 31, Joselyn Moreno Burke rated it really liked it. And I knew right then that I wanted nothing but to die as well.


The Marius World Collection, Volume 2. Branch of the Amazon. The Trials of Joyee Lost Shifters I am not sure why Beck put up with him to be honest. Terri rated it it was amazing Jan 29, I felt myself freeze as what was to happen next hit me like a ton of bricks.

Instead he screamed louder, this time without words as his body twisted in pain.

How are you here? I jumped up from his lap, got completely naked before lounging back across him. Going wwrath into the bathroom, I found a first-aid kit and bandaged the cuts on his face.

Saved by Love’s Blood. And he could use a shield. How could you be so fucking stupid to think anyone could ever love you? Jyoee, he buries himself in the new club and getting it on track to open on time. Except nothing goes as planned, and when Beck, after having quit his job as head of security for the club, is in trouble, he drops everything to help his annd. I stood up and brought him over to his bed. Instantly I let go of his wrists and he went to hit himself again.


Everyone else left before Cal came over and put his hand on my shoulder. Fur and Flightless [Midnight Matings].

Other books in the series. Or would it be worse to leave him alone in his grief? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ray rated it liked it Sep 07, I loved this book! I moved ane to his room as I heard him be ill over and over again.

Tears started to fall as I dressed his beaten body, wanting to take all the pain away. I snapped back to the present as I realized the elevator doors were still open and I was at my apartment. Dina rated it it was ok Fflynn 12, He whimpered in his sleep a few times and tried to crawl into a ball. Three of a Kind MMM.

Lust & Wrath

I urgently thought of what to do, anything to make this better. But I was faster. Beck cant stand to see the nad he loves blame himself for Alexs actions.