Johane Masowe yechishanu Zimbabwe. K likes. Kudzidzisana, nekuvakana ne kudzorana pachinamato Tiri kumasowe echishanu akauya nemutumwa Baba . Holy Man in Central Africa This is a featured page. THE GREATEST HOLY MAN BORN IN CENTRAL AFRICA It was on the first October of Johane Masowe is one of the pioneering and most prominent founders of Independent African Churches in Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the Gospel of God.

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Tell every people on earth not to call you Sixpence; but to call you father John. Afterwards, he believed he had been “sent from Heaven to carry out religious work among the natives”.

So Jphane bore a heavy burden of fasting and calming a constantly tempestuous family of Israel. Moses did profoundly hard work under extremely difficult circumstance.

Johane Masowe Way of Worshipping and Life: The Truth vs Myths and Lies – Nehanda Radio

These funds of the church members, rested in what may be termed a committee of Elders comprised of the following: Christians practice selective obedience when matters suit the desires of their flesh. Before I forget, please do more reading in Acts 2: I gave enough facts to support myself.

These were the admonitory words, which informed them of his first good tidings to the people; and he thereby warned them to seek righteousness if they wished to survive the mighty judgement to befall the earth. They have ears but hear nothing.

Johane Masowe

Beyond Scripture in an African Church. This was because white missionaries tended to discount the possibility of miracles even though they occurred in the Bible. Tinotenda nenhau yakanaka yekuuya kwaBaba Johane watakanzi tikudze tichinamata Mwari wedu kuti tizowana nhaka kudenga. Chief Maroka gave them a tremendous welcome and helped them in their requirements. When the calling out of the Ten Commandments was over, we heard the voice saying: Tinsmith, basket weaving, mechanism and electric wiring.


Slain police officer laid to rest. We were made to recite them in school as songs back in the 80s. Greetings to all who have spared a moment to walk with me as I continue my discussion from where I left last time.

Other Africans see them as different because they stand out. I am baptising you, in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Apart from the need to shave the head and grow a beard for men, or to wear white dresses and headscarves for women, the vaPostori are a closed community. He therefore decreed that a man can only divorce his wife for only two reasons if he chooses to: University of California Press,5.

As our Sabbath Day comes every week, so does our honour of that Holy Day. Because of this steady migration, Masowe and his followers remained a sect that is secretive and suspicious of outsiders. Johane Masowe yeChishanu is not a church as with the Christian faith, rather, it is a Religion.

The redeemer Jesus has come today, stay with us now, that we may also stay in you. Now upon being asked by the gentlemen, how he managed to get out while the door was closed; he answered that he could not tell. Contrary to stubborn misconstrued interpretations, Baba Johane never asked for bibles, nor did he read them. Excelling among these was Carpentry, whereby a shop to teach and practice the trade was opened, jobane by Pastor John Muwani and assisted by Pastor Luka Matte.

This stuff, like the stuff used by Prophet Moses before, performed jaw mwsowe miracles by itself. Ranking mxsowe from the prophet Shinyanga is prophet Kefas Harunawanwe. Men sit at the front and women and children behind, all dressed in white and barefoot. God is omnipotent, omnipresent omniscient.


But the first of two things that was never prophesied was the writing of the bible about Jesus. Shoniwa was riding a bicycle one-day, whereupon he was struck by a lightning from the East; and so he fell to the ground unconsciously. Those who want to learn more about Chishanu should therefore consult vatendi who frequent or fellowship at any of these three Spiritual Countries. Which Holy Spirit inspired the writing of the bible? Immediately after father John had received the word masoae God through the revelation of the divine maspwe, his diet was water only; which he prepared as follows: Magical flower torments family.

Christian, if you want go and break any mbiya anywhere paMasowe anytime, nothing will happen to you, because there is no myth maswoe special powers attached to those bowls. Madzibaba Tawona got it wrong on Magaya article.

Then shall the prophecy of Christ be fulfilled. Now it happened in that very evening, he died as he had foretold, and remained in that state till dawn. More information can be found on www. The Truth vs Myths and Lies Greetings to all who have spared a moment to walk with me as I continue my discussion from where I left last time.