JIS G Hot-rolled mild steel plates, sheet and strip. SPHC max. max. max. max. min. 27min. 29min. 29min. 29min. 31min. 31min. Drawing. SPHD max. max. max. max. Code of type. Applicable thickness (mm). Applications. JIS G Hot-rolled soft steel sheet/strip. SPHC. or more, but no more than General use. SPHD.

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JIS C Non-or JIS C Test m Hot Rolling of Wide St Scope The Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the hot-rolled mild steel plates, sheets and strip hereafter referred to as “steel sheet and coil” intended for general fabrication purposes and drawing. The standards cited in this Standard are given in Attached Table 1. The corresponding International Standard of this Standard is given in the following: A part of the corresponding International Standard listed in this Standard is given in the Annex.

This Annex may be applied instead of the requirements specified in 1. The steel sheet and coil from which the scale has been removed after the hot-rolling operation by picking or grit blasting may be shipped on request by the purchaser. Grade and symbol The steel and coil shall be classified into 3 categories, and their symbols shall be as given in Table 1. Chemical composition The steel sheet and coil shall be tested in v3131 with 7. Mechanical properties The steel sheet and coil shall be tested in accordance with 7.

In the case of bend test, it shall bent without crack on the outside of the bent portion.

In addition, the drawability of SPHE may be agreed between the purchaser and supplier. Shape, dimensions, mass and tolerances The shape, dimensions, mass and their tolerances of the steel and coil shall conform to JIS G With this, respect, tolerances on length for the steel sheet and those on width for the cut edged steel sheet shall, unless otherwise specified, be in accordance with the tolerance A, and tolerances on thickness for the steel sheet and coil shall be as specified in Table 4.

Tolerances on thickness Thickness Width Up to and excl. The thickness shall be measured at any point on the steel sheet and coil not less than 20 mm from a side edge.


Hot Rolled Steel – JIS G Commercial Hot Rolled SPHC Steels

For the steel sheet and coil under 40 mm in width, measurement shall be made at the mid-width thereof. The value specified in Table 4 shall not be applied to the irregular portions of both ends of the steel coil. The tolerances jie thickness of the steel sheet which is not manufactured from the steel coil may be agreed between the purchaser and supplier.

Appearance The appearance of the steel sheet and coil shall conform to 6. Appearance of JIS G 7. Chemical composition of JIS G 7.

Mechanical properties of JIS G With this respects, the sampling method of specimen shall conform to Class A, and the number of test pieces and the sampling position shall be as following: When the mass of one test lot exceeds 50 t, however, two sets of test piece shall be taken from the lot.

When it is infeasible to alloy the center of the test piece to be at a quarter-width from a side edge, however, the sampling should be performed as close to the aforementioned position as possible. Marking The steel sheet and coil b3131 passed the inspection shall be marked with the following details for each bundle by suitable means.

The steel sheets which are not bundled shall be marked for each sheet.

Report The manufacturer shall submit to the purchaser a report in accordance with the requirements of 8. Report in JIS G when required by the purchaser in advance.

It is not allowed to apply only a part of this Annex instead of the requirements specified in this text. Note 1 Hot-Rolled sheet up to but not including 3 mm in thickness is commonly known as “sheet”. Hot-rolled sheet y3131 mm and over is thickness in commonly known as either “sheet” or “plate”.

Hot-rolled steel sheet is suitable for many applications where the presence of oxide or scale, or normal surface imperfections disclosed after removal of oxide or scale, are not objectionable. It is not suitable for applications where surface is of prime importance.

It is commonly produced in the range of thickness 1. Drawing qualities quality HR2 – drawing quality HR3 g31131 drawing quality HR4 – deep drawing quality special killed 1.


JIS G 3131 – 2010

Chemical composition The chemical composition cast analysis shall not exceed the value given in Annex Table 1. Mechanical properties At the time that the steel is made available for shipment, the mechanical properties shall b3131 as given in Annex Table 2, when they are determined on test pieces obtained in accordance with the requirements of 6.

Prolonged storage of the sheet can cause a change in the mechanical properties increase in hardness and a decrease in elongationleading to a decrease in drawability. To minimize this effect, quality HR4 should be specified.

In case of dispute, however only the result obtained on a proportional test piece will be valid for material 3 mm and over on thickness. A lot consist of 50 t or less of sheet of the same designation rolled to the same thickness and condition.

A lot consists of all sheet of the same designation rolled to g313 same thickness and condition. Mechanical property tests 6. Transverse test piece shall be taken midway between the center and edge of the sheet as rolled. The bent test shall be carried out at ambient temperature and in accordance with ISO Small cracks on the edges of test piece, and jiis not visible to the naked eye shall be disregarded.


Carbon and low alloy steels. A part of them is presented as given in Informative reference Table 1, accordingly. The relationship between each elongation value and the conversion factor is as follows: For steels other than the mild steel plate, sheet and strip, ISO should be referred.

For the steel sheet or plate up to and excluding 4 mm in thickness, the reliability of the conversion will become worse, so that agreement reliability of the conversion will become worse, so that agreement between the purchaser jie supplier is necessary when this table is applied.