How do you write a truly gripping thriller about people staring into computer screens? Many have tried, none have succeeded—until now. Leave it to Deaver, the. The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author of The Skin Collector and The Bone Collector featuring popular. Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Empty Chair and The Bone Collector, now turns to the labyrinthine world of.

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What are Wyatt’s real motives? Jeffery Deaver’s story, set in California, sets out to dazzle and bewilder readers with all manner of cyber-clues and deceptions Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! On the anniversary of a major breakthrough in computers, a hacker who has lost touch with the real world kills innocents to the rules of a macabre fantasy game, the Knights of Access.

Then Phate delivers a huge blow, murdering one of the division’s own, and the search takes dewver a zealous intensity. It’s not Jeffrey Deaver’s fault. Comunque sia lo consiglio caldamente.

Blue Nowhere

The Californian police think it was just any murderer that killed random targets, but soon realized that it was not a random murder with the average murderer behind it all.

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To ask other readers questions about The Blue Nowhereplease sign up. The level of detail and knowledge in is book is brilliant. Lincoln Rhyme Book 7. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.


The Blue Nowhere

The one part of the plot which seems unlikely, if not impossible, is the program used by Phate to target the victims, which is named Trapdoor.

Every “cyber” word used is described in excrutiating detail. He doesn’t seem familiar but he dsaver your past, your job, your hobbies and your ex-boyfriend’s name. Company Careers Sitemap Report a Vunerability.

Apparently Wyatt and Phate were partners and friends at one time, but Phate has lost sight of reality and has begun The most amusing thing about reading this book in is that it’s ten years old and most, if not all, of the computer-based science and hacking and Internet lingo used by the characters is now outdated. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Actually, it was a fun trip down memory lane and Deaver does a good job of cluing in the technically uninformed. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. You go for a drink. A Novel Jeffery Deaver Limited preview – As you would expect of a Deaver novel, it is full of twists and turns, and it will keep you hooked to nowhdre last page.

The Cybersecurity Canon: The Blue Nowhere – Palo Alto Networks Blog

jwffery Oh, you can take your hand out of your purse. It’s convenient to our 20th century lifestyle. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.


Masterminds What are some of your favourite fan moments. Many have tried, none have succeeded—until now. Sep 10, Jefdery rated it it was amazing. Lincoln Rhyme Book Apparently I am part of a very small contingent that needs te details to actually be correct.

He blinked at her frankness, avoided her staunch eyes and returned to his friend.

Cancel reply Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Steganographic means “hidden writing”and is the process of writing a secret message as part of an innocent one, say be using every twentieth character, or altering specified bits of an image file.

Phate there are many spelling related puns was a former associate of Wyatt’ who has so confused reality with a computer game he was playing that he has mixed up the real killing with that deager the computer game. When a sadistic hacker, code-named Phate, sets his sights on Silicon Valley, his victims never know what hit them. She looked outside again, into the overcast drizzle, and saw no sign of the windowless Econoline that, she believed, had followed her from her house, a few miles away, to the restaurant.

However, Phate cannot do it alone, his accomplice, the mysterious Shawn helps in these devious crimes.