Minute Toughness is more than a book; it is a mental training program that every athlete should add into their daily routine. A Review of “Minute Toughness: The Mental-Training Program for Jason Selk, who is the current director of sport psychology for the St. The 10MT means 10 Minute Toughness and is the central component of the training system. This is approximately 10 minutes of prescribed.

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It was just an awesome series of boom, boom, boom. This is tremendously useful. There are lots of places to learn the task skills. Buy your copy at one of the following retailers: If you struggle to clear your mind before writing, give this a try. I stand on the platform doing long cycle at 16 kg while coach does his last minuge as well. Repetitive and promos his own business a little too often but still motivating for the start of a new year.

I highly recommend this book. The Notes, et al, are brilliant.

Minute Toughness by Jason Selk – PhilosophersNotes | Optimize

Great book with outstanding ideas. Without MT I never would have been able to go to the Olympics in and win a bronze medal.

Nor did I find the goal setting piece to be new and for a weekend warrior foughness myself, daily success log completion seems excessive–weekly should be sufficient. As a retired NFL player looking forward, I can see as many applications for the toughness Jason Selk’s program brought out of me in the business world as there were on the football field.

I cannot recommend it enough. And then mlnute started applying the three-steps to her off-season basketball. Neil Gaiman is a best-selling science fiction and fantasy author. Glad that I found it and I have already started implementing.


sdlk That’s the fun part about building mental toughness. This last week we went in to practice, jaaon she shot about 60 three-pointers from different spots and made 40 youghness them. Though most of the Tips offered in this book are know to all the athletes, but the author has done a good job in organizing the stuff and has made into a routine which would surely jinute the athletes.

A simple solution that is difficult to jqson. Very helpful for developing a mental toughness plan. So Easy to Use Easy access and support giving you all need and more for personal success. I was blown away! Once that happens, anything is seemingly possible, almost making any of the training tips offered null. Sometimes I have to really get creative to answer these three simple questions, but no matter what, I can always strive to PR my attitude, focus, preparation, recovery or nutrition.

The key is a person’s Step by step: We created a routine based on the book. I also found a slim, information-packed book written by Jason Selk called Minute Toughness: More than just telling you how important it is to be mentally tough, this book tells you how to get there. Mijute our online store with complete confidence. More on positive thinking and being a solution oriented person.

Even if you think everything was perfect, it forces you to continually strive for improvement. His advice is practical and simple. Like no other program available, the Minute Toughness MT routine gets you ready for the competition in just ten minutes a day. There is no audience watching you write.

Return to Book Page. I immediately saw application to my writing. If you are an athlete of any stripe — This book, by part of the team jaaon wrote Organize Tomorrow Today, is really a sports psychology book. This has three components. I do wish there was more discussion about improving overall team chemistry through mental training and building toighness.


This can be a few sentences about who you are and why this makes you uniquely successful. It’s helped me a lot and can help you too. This book, by part of the team that wrote Organize Tomorrow Today, is really a sports psychology book. By the end of the season, her performance had risen to the point where she was a solid contributor on the team with her serving, receiving, and hitting. Phase one is where all the honey lies, just read through the other phases.

Book Review: 10 Minute Toughness by Jason Selk

So Lovely Daughter 3 and I read the book. Why you’ll love PhilosophersNotes. The routine has done wonders for my mental game. Not only does Selk back up his 10 Minute Toughness program with research, reference material, and his own professional experiences, he make it clear and to-the-point for those of us who are not top tier athletes.

If you cut all this clutter you keep a few pages of useful information which is written in a very easy to read style. Her mental game was wacked.

Colleges coaches scout athletes heavily through this skill. Louis Cardinals “Jason Selk has spent a tremendous amount of time and energy developing effective mental-training programs and coaches workshops. Selk claims that they are but should have offered more evidence to support their general applicability.

Freeman rated it liked it Shelves: Finally, look into the future to your next big event, and imagine it going just as you have always dreamed.