FROM DAWN TO. DECADENCE. Years of Western. Cultural Life. to the Present. JACQUES BARZUN. Ha. HarperCollins/^/zs/rers. An outline biography of the life of the historian Jacques Barzun author of – From Dawn to Decadence – regarded as a classic cultural history review. Highly regarded here and abroad for some thirty works of cultural history and criticism, master historian Jacques Barzun has now set down in one continuo.

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Jacques Barzun’s From Dawn To Decadence

Two particular works stand out in barrzun respects: Jacques Barzun is extremely well respected and won the Nation Brief synopsis: These hold the page work together in what otherwise could be a confusing amount of information.

Do jacqkes expect to read about Ayn Rand or the Beatles. His upbringing in the arts led him increasingly to the study of cultural history, then a new branch of history. He is indisputably extremely well-read, and at times brilliant.

Jan 03, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Only a few works after are treated. It is a little like undertaking War and Peace without those beloved characters; it is more like reading a college text.

Sep 13, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author narrative style is quaintly and charmingly unique, highly original, somewhat old-fashioned and ornate, but pleasant and effective enough to make reading this decadencee a generally highly pleasant experience — it just takes a little while to get fully used to it.

The best part of the book is that dedicated to bxrzun s, an epoch he romanticizes unabashedly – though this leads him to provide the most acute observations and most detailed discussions. Cubism held some promise, but it soon devolved into abstraction and irony, so that by the 60s things like a painting of a soup can could be considered a masterpiece.


There are so many surprising things in here that its density is delightful. Only an aerial view of the flows of idea could show such connections. The firs This Book Is 11, Pages Long After having read Jacques Barzun’s summa thirteen times, I have concluded that this book is not really pages long as it appears in the product details, but rather 11, pages.

But is Barzun right?

Such books are probably a prerequisite for this one, as Barzun assumes a basic understanding of much of the actual historical events. These From Dawn to Decadence is the masterwork of an accomplished author whose cultural knowledge is both broad and deep. Instead, he shows decadence as the creative novelty decadeence will burst forth — tomorrow or the next day. As his finger traces the path to today’s landscape, it lands in a spot where art is “intended to be uninspired.

There’s plenty to recommend in this book. There is, first of all, the spiritual paralysis that results from willing contradictory things. It is interesting, informative, and very well written. How much do I need know to understand what he is talking about because I really want to read this book but I feel like I am missing something. I was in awe of the book; but I bagzun understand that it is not for everyone. Philosophy and literature have been bankrupt as well, as the only!

I wonder how Bazun would have viewed the previo I did not especially enjoy reading this which is why I initially gave up after pages.

Jacques Barzun’s From Dawn To Decadence – The Satirist

If you want to be entertained, you will never finish this book or like it one iota Only occasionally do I disagree with the author’s take on things. The greatest value is his intricate knowledge of an endless array of brilliant characters who play important roles in Europe’s intellectual and cultural development.

The loss it faces is that of Possibility. I think one of Barzun’s ideas with this book is to be able to get an idea of history as a whole by learning about the individuals constituting that history, and then extrapolating modern or future conditions.

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It is the essential and probably first human fiction.

Dan Schneider on Jacques Barzun’s From Dawn To Decadence

The colossal buildings become smaller and smaller until they are no more than little blocks of lego. The 16th Century religious froj known as the Protestant Reformation The 17th and 18th Century monarchical revolution represented by the English and the French civil wars The 19th Century liberal revolution that enthroned the individual and individualism represented by Evolution more definitions ensue in the sciences and Romanticism in the arts.

Like a feng shui master, Barzun traced the flow of ideas in the last years. Nothing is sacred religious or otherwise.

This article reviews two masterpieces of intellectual history: The other is the conclusion of a modern playwright that the text of Hamlet transposes scenes which, in a different order, would make the action go straight and fast. Such an undertaking, as you might suspect, required years of study, writing, and editing. It’s definitely interesting the way he handles European culture of years, which is too long a time period even for a book this long, but it was a good try.

A great deal of our current social angst has its roots in our clinging belief in practices that led to many of western society’s earlier stages: Those things don’t ruin the book and are just a small part of the book. What a magnificent work.