ITTF Handbook v2. GENERAL PROVISIONS. NAME. The Federation shall be called the International Table Tennis Federation, referred to. The rules used to be clearly laid out on the ITTF website, but since they and needs to be extracted from the ITTF Handbook, which is a pain as it’s a large PDF . PJS / Home. About Us. News & Tournaments. Officiating-TTAM. Coaching. Affiliates. Archives. More. © Copyright Table Tennis.

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An offensive table tennis player will think of a rally as a build-up to a winning smash. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net.

ttam | ITTF Regulations & Handbooks

Service hanebook between opponents every two points regardless of winner of the rally until the end of the game, unless both players score ten points or the expedite system is operated, when the sequences of serving and receiving stay the same but each player serves for only one point in turn Deuce.

The sport originated in Victorian England, where it was played among the upper-class as an after-dinner parlour game. The hook can even be used in some extreme cases to circumvent the net when away from the table. This generally happens if they miss the ball, hit it into the net, or over the end of the table.

The offensive trump card is the smash. Retrieved 27 August This makes sidespin a useful weapon in service, because it is less easily recognized when bouncing, and the ball “loses” less spin on the bounce. Unlike the two aforementioned techniques, sidespin causes the ball to spin on an axis which is vertical, rather than horizontal.

How to score in table itf

Official Table Tennis Rules –

For example, a white ball is easier to see on a green or blue table than it is on a grey table. A let is also called foul service, if the ball hits the server’s side of the table, if the ball does not pass further than the edge and if the ball hits the table edge and hits the net.


The international rules specify that the game is played with a sphere having a mass of 2. The shakehand handboik is so-named because the racket is grasped as if one is performing a handshake.

A lob is inherently a creative shot, and can have nearly any kind of spin. Chinese penhold Ma Lin. Aside from the initial direction change when bouncing, unless it goes out of reach, the opponent can counter with either topspin or handboom. After the Olympics in Sydneythe ITTF instituted several rule changes that were aimed at making table tennis more viable as a televised spectator sport.

From ittvthese were men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles. Can you lose table tennis on a serve?

Table Tennis New Zealand Inc.

Titf from the original on 5 April In this circumstance, the Magnus effect will still dictate the curvature of the ball to some degree. The most popular style, usually referred to as the Chinese penhold style, involves curling the middle, ring, and fourth finger on the back of the blade with the three fingers always touching one another.

Sidespin can also be employed in offensive rally strokes, often from a greater distance, as an adjunct to topspin or backspin. ITTF currently includes member associations. Sincea team event has been played instead of the doubles. The ITTF approves only wooden tables or their derivates. Since only one side of the racquet is used to hit the ball, two contrasting rubber types can be applied to the blade, offering the advantage of “twiddling” the racket to fool the opponent.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The first player to reach 11 with a 2 point margin wins the game. A good loop drive will arc quite a bit, and once striking the opponent’s side of the table will jump forward, much like a kick serve in tennis.

The name “ping-pong” was in wide use before British manufacturer J. A match shall consist of the best ittc any odd number of games. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat A well-timed, accurate counter-drive can be as effective as a smash. When a player tries to attack a ball that has not gandbook beyond the edge of the table, the player does not have the room to wind up in a backswing.


Table tennis

Retrieved 5 April Traditionally these square-headed rackets feature a block of cork on top of the handle, as well as a thin layer of cork on the back of the racket, for increased grip and comfort. The irtf lob is possibly the most impressive shot, since it propels the ball about five metres in height, only to land on the opponent’s side of the table with great amounts of spin.

Archived from the original on 31 August Retrieved 28 August If the umpire is doubtful of the legality of a service they may first interrupt play and give a warning to the server.

The racket is held closed and near to the ball, which is hit with a short movement “off the bounce” immediately after hitting the table so that the ball travels faster to the other side.

Matches are usually best of 5 or 7 games. Parker Brothers then enforced its trademark for the term in the s making the various associations change their names to “table tennis” instead of the more common, but trademarked, term. If the serve is a clear failure or is doubted again by the umpire after the warning, the receiver scores a point.

The push or “slice” in Asia is usually used for keeping the point alive and creating offensive opportunities. A speed drive is used mostly for keeping the ball in play, applying pressure on the opponent, and potentially opening up an opportunity for a more powerful attack. Table tennis regulations allow different surfaces on each side of the racket. Archived from the original PDF on 27 February Brothers Dmitry Mazunov and Andrey Mazunov in A block is executed by simply placing the racket in front of the ball right after the ball bounces; thus, the ball rebounds back toward the opponent with nearly as much energy as it came in with.