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How to Make & Use Talismans by Israel Regardie

They were placed in a certain order. Talismans of the Five Elements 32 5.

There are many changes to be rung on this simple schema. Gary Colcombe rated it liked it Mar 06, I would say that merely having completed the mechanical drawing of the talisman, in the best manner possible and with concentration, would invest it with a good deal of force. For instance, if he were making a talisman to produce pleasure and joy, the Ace of Cups in any of the conventional packs is a beautiful symbol to be copied in ink or painted on to the silver crescent of Apas.

How to Make and Use Talismans by Israel Regardie | LibraryThing

I would like to suggest that the interested student study this system at the very least, so that he will come to understand the classical basis of the method. Conrad Drecc rated it it taliamans ok Dec 29, To illustrate one classical procedure, we might for example extract from the Mars square the Sigil of the intelligence Bartzabel. The only letter which requires reduction in this instance will be Lamed which reduces to 3.


However, it is not any antecedently known type of Rose-Cross Symbol.

And going further, I believe we can find the Golden Dawn attributions to these five elements a broad base of meaning into which most projects may be classified.

The first method is predicated upon a species of meditation, the second is a ceremonial magical consecration.

How to Make & Use Talismans

The tracing then will look like this: An appropriate biblical verse for inscription around the outer margin of one side of the talisman could be: It also represents balance, equilibrium, and stability. Some of the symbols on the Tarot cards could be reproduced to great advantage on the talismans, if the student wishes.

The planet Mercury is represented by the numbers 8, 64,and Students of alchemy, familiar with regaedie is called the Lesser Circulation, are taught that certain herbs are attributed to the influence of certain planets.

Thou canst also operate under this Planet for thefts; writings; deceit; and merchandise. In the Western system of numerology, the letters have this evaluation: Here is where some slight understanding is required of the basic meanings of the planets in traditional astrology. The opening phases of this process consist in highly charging the aura or sphere of sensation of the student with energy.

Its sigil would appear thus: VINCENT 4 9 5 3 5 5 2 Ordinarily in Western numerology, the vowels are separated from the consonants, but for the purpose of sigil-making, we will not follow this custom.

Thus in Elemental operations, you should take the Letters of the appropriate zodiacal triplicity, adding AL thereto, thus forming an Angelic Name which is the expression of the force. At an early age, Regardie worked as Aleister Crowley’s personal secretary. When the field is charged with this blue colour, the appropriate names on the talisman itself are frequently vibrated, and if the talisman is held in the hand it becomes charged inductively by a strong current of energy.


Some of the books mentioned in the bibiliography provide sigils and pentacles on which are inscribed complex symbols and names whose Israsl and Latin origins are almost impossible to trace. In each one of these examples, sigils would be traced on the appropriate square by following the course of the numbers.

Published May 1st by Thorsons Publishers first published The critical student may, at this point, exclaim that Carr is a not frequently encountered name, so that the demonstration should proceed with more common names. For spiritual help in the hour of trouble, the sword and crown of the Ace of Swords – which literally means evoked strength – would iisrael an ideal symbol to transpose on the blue circle of Vayu. In this way, the planetary influences of a high potency are organismally absorbed to produce subtle far- reaching effects: Vayu, a blue circle.