Hello. I have some problems using ImageMagick. Indeed, I am unable to read any image of any type. I read on this forum that it was because i. Hi, Im beginner in IM (my version ) i can’t use convert png i have “no decode delegate for this image format” 1/ i install libpng I develop a C/C++ program using ImageMagick(MagickWand, Magickcore). When I run the program, I see the error “No Decode Delegate For.

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Why is nobody else experiencing this? This is slightly different than Thid Horseman’s answer since it wasn’t an error but rather a need to specify more during the installation.

Sign up using Facebook. But my procedure is to download the latest IM formxt code version decompress it put it somewhere in my home directory cd to the IM source code folder issue. I have the same problem, but convert is a real binary and installed through standard apt-get on ubuntu.

no decode delegate for this image format – ImageMagick

Select all make make install. After installing Imagemagick, I’ve tested it with jpg image, like this: After a timeout 60 seconds or soI get a grey box with the following error:.

Error message This resulted in error identify: Otherwise, you might end up with conflicts. It might be that you need to specify some flag to.

Well, you have the JPEG delegate and it says there is a problem. Post as a guest Name. Thanks for the help, I appreciate your support. I reinstalled ImageMagick, jpeg, libtiff and jasper reinstalling ImageMagick wasn’t enough by itself. Thanks for all the help and support.


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I faced the same problem recently. I can’t get ImageMagick to generate thumbnails. But, I still get an error when identify jpg image: Oh, by the way, Red Hat and Ubuntu use different names for packages.

Rishi Kolvekar 1 3. How do I configure IM to use the jpegsrc. So before running to reinstall imagemagick, check with identify -list format and convert -list configure whether the JPEG format is supported, and if it is, the problem will probably be somewhere else. For others that are having trouble getting the jpeg library installed on IM, here’s what I did: Email Required, but never shown. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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I’m trying to compile from source on fedora 6 using network solutions vps so I can’t use the binaries; but it doesn’t do jpegs when I install from source. Didn’t work for me: See Terms of Use for details. Email Required, but never shown.

Something that would at least get me on the right path: I had this error when rendering an image using DragonFly in Rails. Retrieved from ” https: Unable to locate package libjpeg-devel Is there an easy way to get those libraries installed?


Why are you using yum? If your reason for building from source is to get a more recent version, hunt for a PPA that tracks the most recent version.


Hope this helps someone and perhaps me in the future. So if yum complains about imafemagick missing package, it shouldn’t be surprising if apt-get can’t find a package by that name.

Although I’ve removed previous attempts, I get an error when identify jpg image, like this: I have Ubuntu Release This doesn’t seem to be valid syntax unbalanced quotes, at the leastso it’s not clear what was intended here, but it would be helpful.

There are two versions of Ubuntu that start with “12”: I installed imagemagick from source as per these instructions: However when I try to convert different images one taken from my web cam or other big size images stored on my machine I get as error saying “no decode delegate for this image format” Image name is “DSC ImageMagick no decode delegate Ask Question.