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A Oscilloscope Operating and Service Manual. Part Number: ( Aug 76). The A is no longer sold by Keysight; this manual is provided for. To buy, sell, rent or trade-in this product please click on the link below: http://www · MODEL A. OSCILLOSCOPE. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY/ COLORADO SPRINGS DIVISION. GARDEN OF THE GODS ROAD, COLORADO.

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A3 A l Removal The trigger view amplifier is enabled in this mode and the vertical state display signal drives the delay line through the trigger view amplifier.

This manual provides the best information we could find.

Perform paragraph to obtain Normal Sweep Display. When engaged, it reverse biases diode A7CR7 and prevents the main gate signal from driving the gate Schmitt.

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When making changes listed in tablemake the change with the highest number first. If the auction has a make offer option, take advantage of it. The preamplifier substrate contains 31 thick- film resistors and three monolithic chips: Diode A15CR1 protects the oscillator transistor base from excess reverse voltage. The multiplier output is connected to the CRT post- accelerator.

Displays the channel B input signal. Delayed trigger operation is similar to main trigger operation. Set sweep display to DLY’D. Current in A8Q13 is now supplied through the integrating capacitor resulting in a linear ramp at the collector of A8Q6. Remove Interface Assembly A Output of the delayed inte- grator TPl follows the main sweep ramp until the delayed sweep start signal at the base of A9Q3 goes low.


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When the state display mode is selected, the line labeled A— B control on the interface board is forced to ground, turning A14Q1 off. Adjust square-wave generator output for 6 divisions of signal amplitude ,6V at 5 kHz.

The base of A16Q2 is connected to a voltage divi- der network across the output circuit. Integrated cir- cuit A7U2 contains a differential amplifier and three dual-input Schmitt triggers. The connector configurations are shown in Section II of this manual.

Change signal generator output to 0. Vertical Control Switch- ing Assembly A 13 contains the sync control switches necessary for selective internal triggering.

A signal generator is used to provide the refer- ence signal. Circuit Details In the AUTO position, a bias is applied to these transistors and the bright- line auto circuit is activated.

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This is accomplished by grounding one input of A3U1A pin 1. Set oscillator for approximately mV p-p, kHz sine wave. In this manner, channel A, channel B, and the trigger signal are alternately switched on. A8C14 to PF. I had to cut the tracks, as the chip is a flat ceramic type, with spring clips on th PCB.

This decreases the amount of current available to the output stage and prevents it from driving the trace off screen. All the etched circuit boards have plated-through component holes.


The peak-to- peak voltage swing is rectified and applied to the CRT grid with reference to the cathode voltage. Magnifies the vertical presenta- tion 174a0 times, and increases the maxi- mum sensitivity t” I mV div. The change corrects the rectified cathode volt- age n turning it to t le normal operating value.

Remove a plug-in inte- grated circuit with a straight pull away from the board. The main integrator, in conjunction with hl sweep time controls, generates the main sweep. External Triggering Test Setup Switch Maintenance The supplies are current-limiting type, so any excessive loading from the vertical, hori- zontal, etc.

Vertical Gain Adjustme nt Test equipment required for the performance tests and adjustment procedures is listed in table If the A fails to meet one or more of its specifications, refer to the Adjust- ment Procedures, paragraph General Information Adjust square-wave generator output for 6 divisions of signal amplitude. As long as the trigger signal is absent, the bright-line auto circuit loop operates as follows.

Knr additional important information about serial mini hers, see f N STKl: