Master Bible scholar and teacher Marc Brettler argues that today’s he guides us in reading the Bible as it was read in the biblical period. Master Bible scholar and teacher Marc Brettler argues that today’s contemporary readers can only understand the ancient Hebrew Scripture by knowing more. How to Read the Bible has 62 ratings and 5 reviews. Benjamin said: This is actually my third time through the book. I use it as a textbook for my Bible c.

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Brettler is primarily interested in providing his reader with a guide to understanding the Hebrew Bible in its original historical and cultural context. To be sure, there are numerous elements in the presentation that are directed toward a Jewish audience.

How to Read the Jewish Bible

Instructors who are hesitant to assign this book for introductory Hebrew Bible courses on account of the presumed limitation in scope are advised that Brettler has for the most part struck a good balance in dedicating a reasonable amount of space to the discussion of general critical issues for each biblical book. Jewish Publication Society Amazon. Choose your country or region Close. Exploring this issue really involves asking two questions: Does one need a book to learn how to read a sacred text?

Although the book claims at the outset not to cover the entire Bibke Bible, the overwhelming majority of the biblical books are treated to some degree only Numbers, most of the Twelve Minor Prophets and Lamentations are missing.

He is the author of several books and co-editor of The Jewish Study Bible. I liked one of the hypotheses given in this book. Brettle Veeder rated it really liked it Dec 21, Jack Townsend rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Alex Jassen University of Minnesota. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And so Brettler unpacks the literary conventions, ideological assumptions, and historical conditions that inform the biblical text and demonstrates how modern critical scholarship and archaeological discoveries shed light on this fascinating and complex literature.


Literary Revision in Deuteronomy and the Holiness Josh rated it really liked it Aug 24, Reading Job- “Drink Deep of Love! Although the emphasis of How to Read the Jewish Bible is on showing contemporary Jews, as well as Christians, how they can relate to the Bible in a more meaningful way, readers at any level of religious faith can benefit greatly from this comprehensive but remarkably clear guide to interpreting the Jewish Bible. Gabrielle rated it really liked it Sep 30, Dwight Welch rated it liked it Jun 09, Books by Marc Zvi Brettler.

Reading Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. After identifying the correct context and genre for GenesisBrettler proceeds to decipher its meaning by careful analysis of the literary structure, poetic elements, vocabulary, and the divergent presentations of humans and God in Gen Since there is no direct evidence going back to the redaction of the Torah, these issues may be explored only in a most tentative fashion, with plausible rather than definitive answers.

Brettler consciously does not attempt to write a comprehensive survey of all the issues involved in the critical study of the various books of the Hebrew Bible. Carefully footnoted, with a twenty-one-page bibliography of sources cited, it is neverthele Professor Brettler provides an excellent introduction to the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible using the historical-critical method, that essays to put what is recorded in the context of its time, audience, and purpose, while teasing apart the various strands and authors from different times and with different points of view that later editors had merged into the text that has come down to us in the past millennium.


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How to Read the Bible by Marc Zvi Brettler

Text is provided in translation, though sometimes together with Hebrew and transliteration if grammatical points are discussed. In addition, Brettler displays a heightened sensitivity to the fact that most readers will likely possess certain traditional assumptions about the Hebrew Bible. The Early History of Heaven J. The remainder of the book contains a series of similar close readings of specific biblical texts. Using the “historical-critical method” long popular in academia, he guides us in reading the Bible as it was read in the biblical period, independent of later religious norms and interpretive traditions.

David rated it really liked it Jan 03, As an introduction to the Hebrew Bible, this work is exceptional in its method and lucid in its presentation.

In this sense, Brettler is attempting to alleviate much of the consternation demonstrated by traditional Judaism toward critical biblical studies. The vast majority of these quotes are in Chronicles, which is a nationalistic rewrite of Kings, as we go now say, a falsification of history. Zechariah Apocalyptic Literature and Daniel.

Reading Song of Songs. Aug 29, Benjamin Sendrow rated it liked it. Preston M Neal rated it it was amazing Jun 06, In an afterword, the author discusses how the historical-critical method can help contemporary Jews relate to the Bible as a religious text in a more meaningful way.

How to Read the Bible

Hardcoverpages. Guilt by Association Geoffrey S. He guides us in reading the Bible as it was read in the biblical period, independent of later religious norms and interpretive traditions. Selected pages Teh Page.