Rich in psychological complexity, [Honor] presents an intricate pattern of events to show how a practice as heinous as honor killing could persist.”. Elif Shafak’s ‘Honour’ is a gripping exploration of the darkest aspects of faith and love. Honour, a Turkish-Kurdish family saga set in London, takes Elif Shafak into new literary territory. Shafak is a prolific, controversial and critically.

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The novel, which tells the story of an Armenian and a Turkish family through the eyes of women, brought Shafak under prosecution but the charges were ultimately dismissed. There are plotting frustrations.

Inthe Toprak Family moved to England, from Istanbul living in a small village in Euphratesshorty before Yunas, youngest child was born. Whether it is though the fables of Aesop or the narrative that the nightly news uses, stories are an integral part of your life.

Read it in English. Shafak weaves the narrative web with the ease of a master storyteller. Hobour is the story of Pembe and JamilaKurdish-Turkish twins and their suffering though life among the retardation ,superstition and injustice.

A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life.

Honour by Elif Shafak: review

I loved her characters. It is about how mothers and women in some cultures have roles others may find hard to understand. I just need to let time pass in order to fully grasp everything! Most of all, Elif Shafak has her own unique style that combines historical fiction,cultural issues, a little bit of spirituality without b I am so blown away by this novel, I can’t even begin Order by newest oldest recommendations.


I confess that I was somewhat surprised to see the viewpoint of Iskender but in many ways, his viewpoint is central to the novel. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The way most of honoug characters were expressing their shafsk in terms of letters instead of the rules in Forty Rules of Love, or short sentences of the manifesto in Bastard of Istanbul explains other depths, other unexpected persons than the ordinary ones we thought we knew so well.

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Shafak blends Western and Eastern traditions of storytelling, bringing out the myriad stories of women, minorities, immigrants, subcultures, youth and global souls. The reasons behind the actual honor killing by Alex honourr not drawn with very much depth.

I am not in the proper headspace to appreciate this fully.

Honour by Elif Shafak – review | Books | The Guardian

In her book about honor killings, Rana Husseini relates her encounters with the men in the families who sanctioned the killings of their female relatives or those men who killed the women.

ONE has to look harder and harder to discern the economic message and direction of the government. A mild point of irritation for me was that the author brought up conjoined twins who were of two different genders. It is just a very readable story that may make you think, or may not. An honor killing in London is not your typical theme for a novel, so the characters radiating out from this event were interesting to get to know. Shafakk Elif Sha This is such a phenomenal- interesting – page -turning very enjoyable novel.

BOTH decision and timing are scarcely believable and will surely give more ammunition to those quarters denouncing Having dedicated her book to “those who hear, those who see”, Shafak hands over to Esma Toprak, a London-bred Turkish Kurd, as she prepares to set off for Shrewsbury Prison to collect her brother, who has just served a year term for murder.


I absolutely loved this book. It is about faith and a honouf that what will be will be, regardless of whether that is experienced as good or not. And the mother who finds the possibility of love again, but cannot be allowed to bring dishonour to the family. While Jamila hhonour to become a midwife, Pembe follows her Turkish husband, Adem, to London, where they hope to make new lives for themselves and their children.

This area wasn’t woven with much detail. Adem, the father, falls in love with an exotic dancer.

Honor by Elif Shafak | : Books

View all 5 comments. Good literature, a good story, stirs something in you besides emotion. Shafak’s first novel, Pinhan The Mystic was awarded shqfak “Rumi Prize” inwhich is given to the best work in mystical literature in Turkey. Just published to great acclaim in England, Honor is a powerful, gripping exploration of guilt and innocence, loyalty and betrayal, and the trials of the immigrant, as well as the love and heartbreak that too often tear families apart.

It is about how the first generation of immigrant families struggle with the clashing cultures. Shafak has published thirteen books, nine of which are novels. December 31, Economic direction? I was absorbed for the four evenings Shaafk read this book until too late in bed. Honor by Elif Shafak Goodreads Author.