Adventure Design Kit. (THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES). (UK/EUROPEAN VERSION). Morcar is pleased. Your victories over the Emperor’s Heroes have not . Released only in Europe, this expansion contains items to help HeroQuest players design their own quests: Adventure Design Booklet – 4 sheets of adhesive. Adventure Design Kit – Expansion (Back to Index). Booklet High quality Bradley Boruch PDF! All Bradley.

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All content are copyrighted to the respective owners Milton Bradley Geroquest. Without you guys this site would have been lost forever. I personally have the german version and cannot speak a word german. This have helped me to replace my old parts and spice afventure the game. All theese files will need WinRAR 3 to extract. You can get WinRAR 3 here: They must be downloaded separatly.

They also not include the Box art, and the Cards. For cards, I use the Card Creator made by Trent. I have desiggn the Card Creator in v1. To reduce the bandwidth on my server, it is better if you download this one if you plan to download it all.

It might take more time for you to download only one file at a time, but it will also not force me to ditch this website. Thanks to Steve v1.

HeroQuest – Collection

Thanks to Steve again. Theese are the best ones around. Also added “The Maze” quest, from the European main game. Swapped the Wizards Solo scan into Steve’s version. Updated the Kellars Keep book into one with tiles. Included the Card Creator in the package. Expansion – Kellars Keep 3.

Expansion – Return of the Witch Lord 3. Expansion – Against the Ogre Horde 3.

Expansion – Wizards of Morcar 3. Expansion – Advanced Quest – Dark Company 3. Expansion – Adventure Design Kit 4. Dave Morris Books – Solo Quests 6. Cards Back to Index. Check his website for up to date versions.

It contains hefoquest cards in all expansions, easily printable, plus you can create new cards with this program. I reccomend this before any cards found on this page, and I have included it “Complete Package”. Templates Back to Index.

Template dssign a Hero An Hero Card, without the hero. Useful if you wish to create your own Hero Card. Template for a Monster An Monster Card, without the monster. Useful if you wish to create your own Monster Card. Desjgn for a Quest A clean sheet for creating a quest. I reccomend that you grab Game Master instead thou. HeroQuest Back to Index. All Bradley Boruch scans are in excellent quality.


This book is scanned in full color. The American version are the newer version of HeroQuest. Most of the rules are the same. The text itself is more descriptive as the European version. I recommend to print the American one. I have found the following differences: Makes it alot easier too simple to solve a quest. Each Hero starts in one of the corners of the board, and must find the stairs. The first Hero to find the stairs gains gold coins. The Heroes start together, and must find and destroy the Gargoyle Verag.

This book is scanned in greyscale, but since the original book had no color, its ok. The European rules are the old version of HeroQuest.

The text itself is more descriptive in the American version. Basics The basics for the main game. Furniture Ikt furniture from the main game, using the original tiles, and “photos” of the top of the sesign top.

This means that you can both use these to replace your old if you have the plastic topand you can also use these to create entirely new ones. The Board A bit difficult to play without a board, even if I think all of you who visit this page have it already. Most of the quests are the same, but the monsters are tougher, and use the “Chaos Hroquest only available in the American version.

Check the American Rulebook description to see the differences. The American version is reccomended. The European version are the older version of HeroQuest. Most of the quests are the same, but the monsters are weaker.

Heroquest – Adventure Design Kit Box – BACK

This is a scan of the European Quest “The Maze”. This quest was only provided with the European version of HeroQuest main game. Tiles – All The basic tiles for HeroQuest.

Also includes a PDF version for easy printing. Armory The European version of HeroQuest contained cards for each type of equipment you could buy, the american version contained this instead.

HeroQuest: Adventure Design Kit | Board Game Accessory | BoardGameGeek

Makes sense, becouse everybody will probably have to write down their inventory sooner or later, and keeping cards for everything is difficult. Character Sheet A large scan of the original character sheet. Cards Theese cards are desitn added to the full package, becouse I feel that the Card Creator makes printing of new cards alot easier. Kellars Keep – Expansion Back to Index. Quest Book American The ‘bad guys’ are to weak in the European to be of any challenge, so I reccomend the American quest book in front of the European.


This scan is in full color and excellent quality. Quest Book With Tiles! The ‘bad guys’ are to weak in the European to be of any challenge, so I reccomend the American quest book in front of the European. Box The scanned box. Not included in the complete package. Tiles Adveture in the Quest Book for theese.

You can download this package if you want them in a separate JPEG.

Forgive me advenutre filling the background with white. It saved me, and probably you money for not having to buy new black ink for garbage.

This book is scanned in full color, and include the tileset, so be sure to print it in color! There is only one version of the Against the Ogre Horde book, so no heroqueest about what to print or not. Wizards of Morcar – Expansion Back to Index. There is only one version of the Wizards of Morcar book, so no worry about what to print or not. Tiles The tiles of The Frozen Horror. There is only one version of the The Mage of the Mirror book, so no worry about what to print or not.

This book is scanned in full color! This book is scanned in greyscale, but contains all the extras that where provided in the box. This one is included in the PDF of the Rulebook. Included with this quest are new rules for using Skaven in your Heroquest games and an option to include Kili Thekkrsson as a Dwarf Trollslayer player character. Included with this quest are some new monsters and a Henchman who will assist the Heroes in overcoming the perils of the Tombs of the Phalanx.

Contains desivn tiles, a quest Return of the Weathermannew tiles, and a comic. Three HeroQuest books were released in the UK. Two of these contained single level, solo quests. Computer Games Back to Index. Links Back to Index. Ye Olde Inn http: Trent’s Card Creator http: HeroQuest Complete Package http: