“[Adornetto’s] dialogue feels fresh and real, pulled from the mouths of her peers without any cultural markers necessary to prove relevance If it were not for. Gr 7 Up–The first in a trilogy, Halo is the story of the angel Bethany, who has been sent with two other angels posing as her older brother and sister to a small . Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat, and this long-awaited conclusion is certain to be her most popular book yet .

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Molly shows promise but her obsession with prom and overall shallowness keeps her from being a truly likable character.

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Sep 08, Anna Pravdica rated it did not like it Shelves: A perfect character means an unrelatable character. The romance was to die for!!!! I recommend this to all who love angel stories with an amazing alexanxra Remind me to feign a headache next time.

He was doing whatever it took to make her his. You would think that someone would be clued up enough wlexandra realise that there was something different about them?

Literally nothing else matters outside of each other. But Bethany is a young angel and finds the lure of high school, earthly friends, and the love of a human boy far more temptation than she ever expected.

And it’s not like Xavier is attractive, or adprnetto. And frankly, it’s a scary thing to read about. Halo is a truly epic tale.

Halo (Halo, #1) by Alexandra Adornetto

It’s not like in Unearthly which is everything Halo isn’t where she can’t tell when she’s going to suddenly burst into light, these guys in Halo just have a soft, cutsey little light that shouldn’t require that much strain; alexxndra heavenly beings, they should probably have enough control if they were picked for this! This fantasy adventures series has a theme of threat to childhood and innocence. It’s all a dream; you don’t need anything! Mar 21, Morgan F rated it did not like it Shelves: Like, maybe a couple of years.


Still, there never seem to be enough lengthy tomes to satisfy the legions of paranormal-romance fans, and this first title of a planned trilogy fits the bill. However, the moment that somebody starts preaching their religion to me, I’m not interested.

More like a Ninny. I can forgive anything as hao as the story keeps me entertained. Bethany and Xavier’s relationship is also codependent.

Halo Series by Alexandra Adornetto

Alexandta even started liking Molly and Xavier. A comically obvious villain arrives halfway through the story, but decides to “play nice” with the angels until the last fifth of the novel. The only context in which the statement would make sense is that all the girls in Bethany’s school adhere to that feminist movement which says that in order to be feminist you have to give up on being feminine. The minute I got in the taxi, he asked me if I was interested in politics, I said yes, I’ve studied it and I still try to keep up with the latest There has been a mass plot exodus.

The characters are poorly constructed, the romance is unoriginal, unbelievable, and unhealthy, the plot is nonexistent yet somehow still manages to have gaping holesthe writing is atrocious, and the messages, both implicit and explicit, are harmful. Can I emphasis on hypocritical?

Why were the angels even in this town? Recommended to Varian Rose by: Our home was a place where we spent time with one another, not whiling away time shopping on the Internet or watching mindless television halk. After Emily died, he put a wall up and wouldn’t let anybody in.


Halo Series

And putting the relationship above friends? Don’t even get me started on the writing that had MANY cringe inducing descriptions that just overflowed to the max, and the saccharine mess of dialogue.

As well as preachiness about religion, you’ll adorneyto forced to swallow down preachiness about conservatism and the vegan lifestyle, as well as the behaviour and musings of an immature, pathetic main character who does everything but focus on the mission for over pages.

The idea of having invested all this money into my education only to have it end in unemployment doesn’t thrill my parents.

But Alexander Reade, years dead, with secrets darker than the lake surrounding Grange Hall, has a lifelike presence that draws Chloe more strongly than any ghost before.

The insane massive amounts of info-dumping in the beginning. I only had a vague understanding of how to build worlds and create characters, I over-utilised my thesaurus and any attempts at emotive writing were really maudlin affairs that just seemed completely telegraphed with no sense of build-up. Like Gabriel, she had piercing rain gray eyes. It’s a town of 3, people on the Georgia coastline. Don’t try and gaslight me with this. Rain is not actually gray.