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and set down in the guidelines GUV-I These describe the class that floor- covering materials to be applied in barefoot applications. (public swimming pools . Information. Thermal hazards from electric fault arc. Guide to the selection of personal protective equipment for electrical work. October BGI/GUV-I E. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I. Assessment group B. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I. Assessment group B. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I.

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Toilet Area Assistance guv-l Movement Sequences. Generously sized shelf areas provide space for all gu-i utensils, so that they are to hand even from a seated position. In particular in the area of the sanitary systems, the recommended minimum distances and movement areas should be integrated into the planning from the start.

This saves complex conversion measures being required as they become older. Tiles and panels in a barrier-free house Ceramic floor coverings are suitable for barrier-free construction for several reasons.

Der neue Katalog ist da: Minimum wheelchair accessible depth 55 cm Thigh level: Single lever shower control with handheld shower Can be reached from the side in seated position at 85 cm height If several elements are installed an arrangement up to cm centre-to-centre is allowed The lever of the shower control should point downwards to prevent the risk of injuries.

Hinged seat more. A shower base level with the floor makes later conversions unnecessary. If physically disabled people live in a household, special cleaning agents or other substances are often used which may affect the appearance of sensitive floor coverings.


A further issue which must be considered during selection is the acid resistance. Point load of 1 kN on front end of hinged support rail.

The DIN places different requirements on the floor coverings; it distinguishes between publically accessible and private areas:. But wall coverings, too, should reflect light as little as possible.

For improved orientation of those who are visually impaired, floor coverings which are laid on inclines should be in a contrasting colour.

Requirements on floor coverings in barrier-free construction The DIN places different requirements on the floor coverings; it distinguishes between publically accessible and private areas: Adjustable mirror with light BGR and designed so that they can be walked on with walking aids. Waste bin can be used with one hand, tight-closing and self-closing. Drop down support rail provided on the wall side at a distance of mm from the centre line of WC Height mm above floor Should fuv-i 50 – mm beyond the front of the WC Horizontal support rail on the wall adjacent to the WC mm.

System Solutions for Bathrooms and Sanitary Rooms

Hinged support rail Duo more. Rail with shower head holder more. Where possible, single lever mixer tap or non-contact Non-contact taps only in conjunction with temperature limitation, with guvi- temperature at the outlet max.

Transitions without thresholds through tile coverings and sufficiently large doors with a clear opening width of at least 80 cm or better still 90 cm are to be fuv-i.

Eurobaustoff – Die Fachhndler: Seat height 46 – 48 cm Hinged support rail can be retrofitted on both sides of seat Top edge of hinged support rail 28 cm above seat height.


Certification mark for shower trays | TÜV SÜD GROUP

Hinged support rail Mono more. Guuv-i least cm high Must be able to see into it when seated and when standing Positioned directly above the washbasin. Must be possible to subsequently install a bath tub in the shower area Bath tub can be used with a lifter.

To be attached near the toilet Can be reached from sitting position on the toilet and if lying 85277 the floor Designed with visual contrast, can be registered and located tactilely. Matt edition bicolor mini Range Range System System This can be achieved by planning the barrier-free installation guvv-i the start, or through the high level of flexibility of the floor plan. Therefore, tiles with matt surfaces should be selected where possible. Should be suitable for single hand use Should be readily accessible from a wheelchair, seated on guvv-i WC or for a standing person.

The resulting shine effects can irritate, and become exacerbated through moisture or light. Der Hochwasser-Ratgeber im Web: Top surface of WC seat mm, WC pan can accept a variable height toilet seat riser.

Planning bases for publically accessible buildings The floor coverings must be anti-slip at least R9 acc. Seat height 46 – 48 cm Hinged seat: A large selection of materials and designs enables solutions that are exactly in line with the users’ requirements.