How Doctors Think has ratings and reviews. Kirsti said: Things that you should find worrisome if a doctor says them to you or a loved one:*. In this very engaging and well-researched book, Jerome Groopman, a practicing oncologist with expertise in AIDS-related malignancies. ‘a series of illuminating essays that explore the rational and irrational factors that influence medical decision-making which Dr. Groopman, a clear writer and a.

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I was the attending physician on “general medicine,” meaning that it was my responsibility to guide this team of trainees in its care of patients with a wide variety of clinical problems, not just those in my own specialties of blood diseases, cancer, and AIDS.

Lock, chief of cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital. I concluded that these very bright and very affable medical students, interns, and residents all too often failed to question cogently or listen carefully or observe keenly. After hearing the accuracy rates for those professions, I think it to be unwise to allow a serious operation be performed based upon the test results reported by a single radiologist or pathologists. This dialogue is our first clue to how our doctor thinks, so the book begins there, exploring what we learn about a physician’s mind from what he says and how he says it.

How Doctors Think

I really should not have hoe this book! Doctors are often lead astray by confirmation bias, i. I am glad that as I go into medical school, I have read this book, and I think I may need to read it again to refresh my memory. An orthopedist diagnosed a hairline fracture of the metatarsal bone of her foot. He was born in rural Venezuela and grew up speaking Yiddish at home and Spanish in the streets of his village.


Groopman discusses errors in thinking physicians make, and offers suggestions to work around them.

But as we hear from a range of physicians, relying too heavily on intuition has its perils. This book was strongly recommended to me by several colleagues who I deeply respect.

She was taking anti-nausea medication that had greatly reduced the frequency of her vomiting but did not help the diarrhea. Using real-life examples, Groopman expl Dr.

In Anne Dodge’s case, after a myriad of tests and procedures, it was her words that led Falchuk to correctly diagnose her illness and save her life. Can I tell you the story again from the beginning? After surveying the significance of a doctor’s words and feelings, the book follows the path that we take when we move through today’s medical system. Is there one “best” way to think, or are there multiple, alternative styles that can reach a correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment?

Anne thought she had already explained this, that it all was detailed in her records. But they quickly fall apart when a doctor needs to think outside their boxes, when symptoms are vague, or multiple and confusing, or when test results are inexact. One chapter reports on this in my own case; I sought help from six renowned hand surgeons for an incapacitating problem and got four different opinions.

Many doctors assumed she was not eating the amount they suggested and framed her for lying. We need a physician and health care team that has the patient as the leader of the team. America has become more of a meritocracy in groolman professions. Instead, he began to question, and listen, and observe, and then to think differently about Anne’s case. She’d been through so much, so many tests, so many procedures: Falchuk, she said that he’d given her the greatest Christmas present ever.


‘How Doctors Think’ : NPR

Quotes from How Doctors Think. This was a phenomenal book that changed the way I looked at every doctors visit I’ve ever had, along with questioning at least one diagnosis from my past.

Doctors notice an apparent refusal to follow diet, exercise, and medication regimes but do not always realize that other factors such as doxtors may be the bow for noncompliance.

I like to conduct rounds in a traditional way. We learn about Bayesian Perspective thinking.

Despite his assurances that she would be sedated, she doubted whether the endoscopy was worth the trouble and discomfort. Instead of expanding a doctor’s thinking, they can constrain it. I didn’t leave enough room for what seems [sic] like minor effects–the small fluctuations grpopman oxygen levels, which might amount to one or two or three percent but actually can signal major problems in the heart Jan 04, Pris robichaud rated it it was amazing.