Gentoo Linux package details for dev-qt/qtgui: v 5/ gentoo .. kde-apps / okular: Universal document viewer based on KDE Frameworks .. loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file. Is it possible to view djvu files using okular. If I open a djvu file with okular I get the error “cannot find plugin” I use ubuntu Thanks. Since upgrading to I am finding that Okular gives an error message on every file that I try open with it. I have just installed the latest.

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Tile-based, cross-platform 2D racing game. Library for akonadi calendar integration. Image viewer and organizer. A simple frontend to mp3gain, vorbisgain and metaflac. Research management tool for desktop and web. Separate utilities ebuild from upstream v4l-utils package.

Tool for extracting data points from graphs. Personal finance manager based on KDE Frameworks. Framework providing an assortment of configuration-related widgets. A fast heap memory profiler. Framework providing assorted widgets for showing the progress of jobs. Plasma filemanager focusing on usability.

Chinese LibPinyin input oprn for Fcitx. KDE program that clicks the mouse for you. As you can clearly see, util-linux has the pam USE flag. Dropbox cannor pretends to be GUI-less.


Instead, I ended up installing djview4. Framework providing easy data-plotting functions. Sun May 25, 2: Android phone manager via ADB. Image and video texturing library. Rockbox open source firmware manager for music players. Movie creator from photos and video clips. I use Arch on my home machine. Qt Social Network Visualizer. Small utility which bothers you at certain intervals. A pomodoro app that blocks distractions while you work. OpenGL support library for the Qt5 framework deprecated.

This can vary on how the mirror styles it, which is why using links is a nice way. Simple Desktop Display Manager. I tried installing Okular for viewing pdfs even though it came with a bunch of dependencies. Qt-based keyboard layout switcher. When I run it in terminal on any jpeg file I get the following: Qt5 application to design electric diagrams.

Can anybody else confirm? Nowadays arch is just a clusterfuck of shit just my opinion of course, not a fact, no systemd isn’t the only reason. Advanced download manager by KDE.

[SOLVED] View djvu files using Okular

Suddenly last week, Okular is no longer able to open images atleast jpegs. View djvu files using Okular do “sudo apt-get update”, then all the packages of that repository should be available for you to download. One day the trials will end and we shall rise above all, but use the systems of the squids and krill for what you need and only for what you need, and persevere in the hope of the future.


Openbox window manager configuration tool. KDE version of the popular NetWalk game for system administrators. A KDE game similiar to Mahjongg. I’d say Gentoo is great for people who want things built a specific way, and who don’t mind working okulqr bit to get it that way.

Batch image converter and resizer based on ImageMagick. Virtual Globe and World Atlas to learn more about Earth. VNC-compatible server to share Plasma desktops. Image viewer by KDE.

[Bug 225937] New: Okular Cannot Open ePub

Application for debugging Akonadi Resources. Searches package names, descriptions, news, bug summaries and use flags. A drawing tool for 2D molecular structures. Virtual for OpenGL implementation. Visualise disk usage with interactive map of concentric, segmented rings.

Framework for managing bookmarks stored in XBEL format.