Uninterruptible Power supply. Digital Energy™. SitePro. 10 – 15 – 20 – 30 – 40 kVA. Vac CE / Series 8. GE Consumer & Industrial SA. SitePro, the most reliable Uninterruptible Power System available for data security and other demanding critical applications. GE Consumer & Industrial. Power Protection. Digital Energy™. SitePro. ®. Series UPS. Uninterruptible Power Supply 10 – kVA. GE imagination at work.

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N p a ra m e te rs Tel1 This parameter specifies a first telephone number to be used for modem dial-out. The interface between the operator and the unit is provided by the monitoring system on the front panel.

Sitrpro innovative feature was recognized by the Swiss Electrical Industry with the ETA Prize for energy conscious applications of technology. General alarm condition It blinks when one or more alarm is activated. In any case the cabinet basement is suitable to be floor fixed, when requested by local standards.

The battery used in this system can provide dangerous voltages, extremely high currents and a risk of electric shock. Inverter output fuses blown F5, F6, F7. This unit will be powered on and connected to the parallel bus in order to share the load with each other’s.

RX in Pin 5: If not already supplied separate mains inputsswitch-ON the mains power to the sitpro input.

SitePro® UPS & kVA (CE listed) – Presentations

Individual inverters, which are not required to sustain the load, can automatically be switched off. This advanced technology provides the greater system reliability for mission critical applications.

SitePro UPS is a sitepdo, on-line, intelligent system for centralized power protection. This operation must be performed by trained personnel before the initial start-up ensure that the UPS installation is completely powered down.


The load must be transferred back to the UPS system.

This first parameter level in not protected by password, therefore the site;ro can freely adapt these parameters to their needs. The internal buzzer is ON. A parallel system with a Common Battery for two or more UPS, requires a particular installation and adequate setting of some parameters, accessible only through passwordand can therefore only be done by a qualified GE engineer.

GE Digital Energy SitePro 400 VAC CESeries 7 Operating Manual

The non-observance of the warnings reminding hazardous situations could result in human injury and equipment damages. Exceptions are only allowed to suit local prescriptions.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. UPS packing materials must be recycled in compliance with all applicable regulations. Sizing of circuit breakers, fuses and cables for input mains, output load and battery must meet the requirements of local and national electrical codes. Options Sitepfo Additional Cabinets TX out Pin 3: Means that on d4 – Tuesday the SEM mode is fe between Page 48 3 — Change the selected character. Features Of Rpa Parallel System 3. Page 3 Please carefully read the Operating Manual.

The rectifier, powered by the mains, supplies the inverter and the battery-charger keeps the stepro fully charged. Please carefully read the Operating Manual. For parallel systems perform the following procedure on each unit, starting from unit no.

The meaning of the user parameters and their use is described below buttons performance is described to Section 7.

Open the front door and make sure that: The telephone number has a maximum 39 characters and cannot contain blanks. Page 42 Status load screen This screen displays: May be reset by a service technician only.


Page sitepri General alarm condition It blinks when one or more alarm is activated. To lift the cabinets, use a forklift or lifting belts with spreader bars. Switch ON the mains voltage — As for the single version. Status load screen This screen displays: An equivalent set of parameters for Example 4 is. The reliability of the system depends on this contact NC Normally Closed! For parallel systems, the delivery also includes the bus control cables for inter- connecting the UPS modules.

Digital Energy™ SitePro® UPS kVA – Product Information – Motherwell Automation

When the control system detects a fault in the Inverter, an overload condition or a short-circuit condition, the Automatic Bypass will transfer the critical Load to the Mains without interruption. The load is powered by the UPS redundant parallel system. The redundant communication bus to which all units are connected keeps each unit informed about the status of all the other units. This symbol refers to the operations of a parallel system.

In this mode the buttons perform the following functions: The meaning of the alarms on the free contacts in standard configuration default is the following: Ensure that the output load distribution can be powered and all the output isolators are open. Got it, continue to print. We highly siteprro that you contact your Service Centre for preventive sitepto work. A high temperature of the UPS room and of the battery room affect the lifetime of several components inside the equipment.

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