Formula Student Electric Rules Brake Over-Travel Switch (Specific FSG change of Formula SAE® Rule B ). ARTICLE 1: FORMULA STUDENT OVERVIEW AND COMPETITION – as article 1 from FSAE Rules except. Formula Student permits students to compete. SAE International. All Rights Reserved. Formula SAE Rules revision. Formula SAE® Rules. Table of Contents.

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The wheelbase is measured from the center of ground contact of the front and rear tires with the wheels pointed straight ahead. Teams are advised to make an equivalent test with the base line steel tubes such that any compliance in the test rig can be accounted for.

We also recognize that there can be differences in the interpretation of rules, the application of penalties and the understanding of procedures. This requires test samples to be presented at Tech.

It typically takes at least 1 working day between the time you complete an on-line SAE. Note – There may be a delay of up to three 3 business days between the time your team registers for a competition and the fsaeonline site recognizes the validity of your authentication number and the captain can create his account. Travel limits must be demonstrated at Tech. But not suspension pickups; frame only.

SAE Grade 8 minimum. Upon completion, email the form to CollegiateCompetitions sae. The instructions for notification appear in Part AF.

The Team Captain s has unique responsibilities on the site including accepting other team members for site access. Document rulee, presentations and discussions in English are acceptable at all competitions in the series.


2015 FSAE Rules students.sae.org /cds/formulaseries/rules/ Format

Substitution of the head restraint or seat insert for different drivers e. This information must be included in the structural equivalency submission or the structural requirements certification submission, whichever approach the team is using. Check the competition websites for deadlines, submission addresses and other details. Online registration must be done by either a an SAE member or b the official faculty advisor connected with the registering university and recorded as such in the SAE record system.

Carefully read the event rules and check the website of the competition you are entering.

Rsae Member Restrictions — Team members must be approved by the Team Captain or the Faculty Advisor before being able to view or upload team documents. Substitution of the head restraint or seat insert for different drivers.

The new designations are: The upper portion of the Main Hoop and the Main Hoop Bracing are not included in defining this envelope.

The test specimen must be presented at technical inspection. Details of the composite lay-up technique as well as the structural material used cloth type, weight, and resin type, number of layers, core material, and skin material if metal must also be submitted.

Team Captain Role — Each team must have at least one person identified on fsaeonline as the Team Captain. Adjustment of wing angle, but not the location j. The data from these tests and pictures of the test samples must be included in the SES, the test results will be used to derive strength and stiffness properties used in the SES formulae for all laminate panels.


If it is welded to the Front Bulkhead, it must extend at least to the centerline of the Front Bulkhead tubing. This material must be a single file text, drawings, data or whatever you are including.

Please 20112 program material by the published deadlines. Recharging low voltage batteries n. Most required documents must be submitted in a format specified in the individual event rules or using a prescribed form. Volunteer judges evaluate all the required submissions and it is essential that they ruless enough time to complete their work. The shifter or shift mechanism may not be removed unless it is integral with the steering wheel and is removed with the steering wheel.

FSAE Rules Published

Check the individual competition websites for exact registration requirements, applicable to those events. It is fssae for the properties of tubes and laminates to be combined to prove equivalence.

Should a driver, at any time not utilize the HANS device, then 76 mm 3 inch wide shoulder harnesses are required. This rule is only a summary; it does not supersede the individual event rules. Calculations of EI that do not reference T3.

Adjustment of wing angle, but not the location.