Foucault, Abnormal, p. From the careful analyses of the maneuvers of psychiatric power in the previous year’s lectures ()—with. The genealogy of the abnormal individual offered by Foucault, one linking Abnormal In Canguilhem’s view, monstrosity and the monstrous. Students of history usually encounter major thinkers in a condensed form. They may associate the name of Michel Foucault with the term medicalization or.

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Jouy was a man of forty, but one whom adult women couldn’t take seriously. You are commenting using your WordPress. Foucault concludes his lectures with an expanded discussion of the case of the proto-sex offender Charles Jouy, a case that he also discusses in History of Sexuality, Volume 1. Prior to this, medical discourse had been closed to sexuality, after this sexuality began to be permitted, and even encouraged in medicine.

Marie Lemarcis and Anne Grandjean. Three decades after his death, Michel Foucault remains one of the towering intellectual figures of the last half-century.

On the other hand, the more Foucault says about the details of the case, the more disturbing evidence one finds of gender-bias abnormxls his reading of the case.

In an attempt then to discover the origins of our deficiencies and our discontents in the domain of the sexual, we decided at an early point in our research to focus our study on our relationships to our bodies and to their development. The expanded treatment of this case in Abnormal is more likely to fuel the flames of this controversy then douse them.

The first is focault exchange of money voucault masturbation in the company of a second girl who refuses an offer to do the same. Abnormality was constituted from three elements which began to be distinguished and defined in the 18th c.

Michel Foucault: Abnormal, Chapter Three Summary | Theory and Play

If only we knew more about the original audience’s responses, their mumbling or their laughter. But it’s also possible that she was raped. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

That Jouy was harmless? In this sense, the hermaphrodite is also a monster. From the vantage point of this volume, some of Foucault’s grand formulations in his better known book publications qualify as condensations of arguments he developed more extensively in lectures like the ones published in Abnormal.


Foucault 5/ Introducing *Abnormal* () – Foucault 13/13

Foucault is in effect historicizing our present practice of being preoccupied with the psycho-sexual development of children. It set a fundamental anxiety into motion that revolved around the sexuality of children, a danger so zbnormals and elusive that it has stayed with us ever since.

In this second genealogical sketch the adolescent masturbator, not the criminal monster, becomes the basis for the expansion of medical control within the family insofar as masturbation is granted infinite causal power to produce illness. It’s troubling that Foucault suppresses the second incident in his reference to the case in History of Sexuality, Volume 1 since doing so stacks the deck in favor of his claim that these bucolic pleasures were indeed inconsequential.

The strengths of the genealogical approach to the writing of history are clearly in evidence on almost every page of this volume: AbnormalBook summary Tags: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Email required Address never made public. After foudault incident the girl reportedly boasts about it to a peasant leaving the fields. Were these sexual exchanges really foucwult, petty, let alone pleasurable for the young girl in the story?

Foucault sees the emergence of a sexual monster.

Foucault 5/13: Introducing *Abnormal* (1974-1975)

Historical Review of the Three Figures pp. The monster is a mixture of two realms: This individual occurs very clearly in the 18th c. Yet if psychiatry came to wield a position of scientific, social, and cultural prominence, this emergence was in large part due to its profound entanglement with the theme of human sexuality, especially the ever-present dangers of abnormal sexual behaviour: Three Figures that Constitute the Domain of Abnormality pp.

After this brief introduction, Foucault suggests that since the history of hermaphrodites from the 17th to 18th centuries is interesting he will relate two cases: Foucault’s histories of the present are premised on this assumption.

London and New York: And this failure to address her fate, coupled with his suspicion that Sophie was in some sense not even rapeable, undermines the critical effect of his own discourse on abnormality. The discovery of instinct, an uncontrollable, involuntary and spontaneous natural impulse enabled these early psychiatrists to explain the motiveless crime, one that could not be explained by appealing to the logic of delirium typically used by alienists.

June 18, Michel Foucault: Indeed, this was one of their principle purposes. Foucault tells the story of two siamese twins, one of whom committed a crime. There was a denunciation, and he was forced to come before the courts and be examined by a doctor, an apothecary, and two surgeons.


Here again Foucault exhibits his talent for unearthing startling documents and bringing to life the figures represented in them. Displacements of the Problem of Women’s Sexualization At the point at which we wrote these stories, we had not yet turned our attention to the way in which sexuality itself is constructed. In this case Foucault sees a change in ghe idea of hermaphrodite.

Archived Entry Post Date: Pantheon, As readers of that work may recall, Foucault used the Jouy case as an example of the spread of social foucauult over sex as an omnipresent and constant danger.

The first provides an account of how psychiatry connects up with juridical institutions; the second an account of the enmeshment of psychiatry and the family. At the point at which we wrote these stories, we had not yet turned our attention to the way in which sexuality itself is constructed. That neither Sophie Adams nor Jouy needed protection, correction, or guidance?

Because of this, she chose to wear boys clothes and she moved to another town and got married.


Jouy is the victim in his story. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Between andFoucault’s public fouault evolved in a series of interconnected themes: On the one hand, the discussion in Abnormal is helpful insofar as it emphasizes the historical transformation from a criminal psychiatry oriented toward identifying a psychological illness, a pathological interlude, to one oriented toward identifying a permanent, congenital condition of abnormality, an arrested development marked by an inability to control his sexual tendencies.

What isn’t as clear from reading the two published books related to this research is how these two histories intersect with the introduction of the concept of the abnormal or dangerous individual, and how the discovery of instinct facilitates this intersection.