FORM 50A. Way bill for transport of consignment of goods despatched from Outside West Bengal to any place inside West Bengal. [See rule. (Form 50A) has to be generated and document to be printed 9. 40 days of entering the state of West Bengal on clicking the link ‘Waybill Utilisation’ after login. Friends need Help Me Am trying to get West Bengal Form50A online thru http:// but each time its rejected.

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I don’t sell it again. I don’t know, but I was fined Rs. What do you think of this post? Tried calling them from Afghanistan sending email but no use. Before the dispatch the seller asked me to get the Form 50A, that time I was a novice like you on Form 50A.

But these are nothing but pure speculation.

Since it was for my personal use I did exactly like what you are doing going for Category B but 3 days it was rejected. Jul, Information sharing improves knowledge of both. January 29, Mail me if you need any more assistance.


He approved the application at I tried searching on internet but no luck, then a friend of mine asked me to go online into their site. As end users of an item do we need to produce waybills? Same status is with us. I was really upset, if I knew this before, I would have never made this purchase as of the tax I paid was around Rs.

Instruction for generation of Waybill

Burden of proof rests upon you and your ‘contact’. Powered by SMF 1.

I have 3 clear questions: Hi, I am an fodm hobbyist, although not into RC and not an engineer, have worked on few PIC microcontroller projects. RC People santoshC 8 January 29, I was helpless and had to pay the tax as I already paid the seller for the product. NIC even e-tender helpdesk is their. I have purchased so many things online. An early reply will be highly appreciated on my direct mail i. If yes, can we pay it online?

Or else I would have asked the Seller to reduce the total amount on the invoice.

:: Official Website of the Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Govt. of West Bengal ::

Earlier many online dealers on eBay used to insist upon producing Form 50A or else they used to bngal their inability to send goods to WB. Assuming eBay, Flipkart etc.


September 14, I thought this thread now needs a GST update. That was my horrible experience and will never buy anything online if I have to obtain the form 50A. That’s a matter of concern.

Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Government of West Bengal

So I am confused. My father later rebuked me for my rude behavior, but I felt it was honest and somebody had to say it However, he told this is the only official way he could waive the security under VAT act. After 2 days, no SMS was sent, but an email came citing ‘your application has been temporarily suspended, reason: