This volume contains a fresh English translation of Josephus’ apologetic treatise Against Apion, based on the new textual research conducted by the Münster. Josephus’ Against Apion (English only). From H. St. J. Thackeray, Josephus: The Life, Against Apion (Loeb Classical Library;. Cambridge, MA: Harvard. Against Apion (Contra Apionem or In Apionem) was a polemical work written by Flavius Josephus as a defense of Judaism as a classical religion and.

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And it was very late, and with great difficulty that the Romans became known to the Greeks. He lived fifty three years, and reigned thirty four. And to be sure our ancestors came into this country long before the building of the temple. Explore the Home Gift Guide. But the Phenicians, and those Syrians that are in Palestine, confess that they learned it from the Egyptians.

The Life. Against Apion — Josephus | Harvard University Press

Now in the seventh year of his reign, his sister fled away from him, and built the city Carthage in Libya. Now for Manetho, he describes those polluted persons as sent first to work in the quarries; and says that after that the city Avaris was given them for their habitation. Dlavius I leave this matter; for the proper way of confuting fools is not to use bare words, but to appeal to the things themselves that make against them For some of them have proceeded to that degree aapion folly, and meanness in their conduct, as not to scruple to contradict their own ancient records; nay to contradict themselves also in their writings: Again, Hecateus says, to the same purpose, as follows: For Tethmosis was King againstt they went away.

And this was the state of things in Ethiopia.

The Life. Against Apion

Thankfully, we will not need one. Nay Thucydides himself is accused of some as writing what is false: Write a customer review. In the troubles which followed he made his peace with Vespasian. He also finds great fault with Herodotus, for his ignorance and false relations of Egyptian affairs. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

But after this he permits himself, in order to appear to have written what rumours and reports passed abroad about the Jews: Share your thoughts with other customers. And as for their care about the writing down of their histories, it is very near the last thing they set about. He lived fifty four years, and josephud twelve years.


It was also reported, that the priest who ordained their polity, and their laws, was by birth of Heliopolis, and his name Osarsiph, from Osyris who was the god of Heliopolis: But after some considerable time, Armais, who was left in Egypt, did all those very things, by way of opposition, which his brother had forbid him to do, without fear.

And now what need I say any more about particular cities, and smaller places? This King raised banks at the eastern parts of the city; and enlarged it. Works by Josephus Jewish apologetics Judaism book stubs. And the testimonies here produced are an indisputable and undeniable attestation to the antiquity of our nation. Timeus also hath greatly abused the foregoing people, and others also. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

As also they relate that one Abdemon, a man of Tyre, did solve the problems: But the cities we dwell in are remote from the sea: How can it then be other than an absurd thing, for the Greeks to be so proud, and to vaunt themselves to be the only people that are acquainted with antiquity, and that have delivered the true accounts of those early times, after an accurate manner?

Against Apion: Flavius Josephus: : Books

Who was a person very inquisitive into all sorts of history. That he would protect them, and fight for them, as occasion should require; and would easily reduce the country under their dominion. Then came another Acencheres for twelve years, and three months. He also promised that he would, in the first place, bring them back to their ancient city, and country Avaris: After him came Orus, for thirty six years, and five months.

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These Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers. Nay the report goes, that even he did not leave his poems in writing; but that their memory was preserved in songs, and they were put together afterward: Thither Salatis came in summer time: Or what worse thing could he suffer, out of the fear of which he made haste to kill himself? Chelbes the son of Abdeus ten months. And by this means the land will bring forth its fruits.

Flavius Josephus: Against Apion

However, they acknowledge themselves so far; that they were the Egyptians, the Chaldeans, and the Phenicians, for I will not now reckon ourselves among them: After pleading in Rome the cause of some Jewish priests he returned to Jerusalem and in 66 tried to prevent revolt against Flaviu, managing for the Jews the affairs of Galilee.


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Although it were to be expected, that, on the contrary, if he flaviuz been under the same calamity he should have taken care of such persons before-hand; and have had them treated after a kinder manner: Now the Egyptians were the first that cast reproaches upon us. The Medes also and the Persians, when they were lords of Asia became well known to them. Which two books of Canticlesand Ezrait no way appears that josepuus Josephus ever saw.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Yet are we beholden to Manetho, that he does not lay the principal charge of this horrid transgression flaius those that came from Jerusalem; but says that the Egyptians themselves were the most guilty; and that they were their priests that contrived these things, and made the multitude take their oaths for doing so.

As to the timeand place when and where these two books were written; the learned have not hitherto been able to determine them, any farther than that they were written some time after his Antiquitiesor some time after A. It is true, our history hath been written since Artaxerxes very particularly, but hath not been esteemed of the like authority with the former by our forefathers, because there hath not been an exact succession of prophets since that time; and how firmly we have given credit to these books of our own nation is evident by what we do; for during so many ages as have already passed, no one has been so bold as either to add any thing to them, to take any thing from them, or to make any change in them; but it is become natural to all Jews immediately, and from their very birth, to esteem these books to contain Divine doctrines, and to persist in them, and, if occasion be willingly to die for them.