A controversial and influential voice in the philosophy of science, Paul K. Feyerabend was born and educated in Vienna. After military service during World War. Matando El Tiempo (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Paul K. Feyerabend ; ; Philosophy, Humanities, Books. Matando El Tiempo by Paul K. Feyerabend at – ISBN – ISBN – Debate – – Softcover.

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Frases de Paul Feyerabend (81 citas) | Frases de famosos

Istanbulpp. Frankfurt am Main [, ], pp. Primitive tribes has more detailed classifications of animals and plant than contemporary scientific zoology and botany, they know remedies whose effectiveness astounds physicians while the pharmaceutical industry already smells here giempo new source of incomethey have means of influencing their fellow men which science for a long time regarded as non-existent voodoothey solve difficult problems in ways which are still not quite understood building of the pyramids; Polynesian travelsthere existed a highly developed and internationally known astronomy in the old Stone Age, this astronomy was factually adequate as well as emotionally satisfying, it solved both physical and eo problems one cannot say the same about modern astronomy and it was tested in very simple and ingenious ways stone observatories in England and in the South Pacific; astronomical schools in Polynesia – for a more details treatment an references concerning all these assertions cf.


Storie dello scontro fra astrazione e ricchezza dell’essereRaffaello Cortina: Hegel, Marx und die Folgen.

Simon Moser zum Such developments are not surprising. English translation by John R. Third edition revised of b.

The Works of

Spanish translation by Diego Ribes: Since the s, Feyerabend has devoted much of his career to arguing that science as practiced cannot be described, let alone regulated, by any coherent methodology, whether understood historically, as in Thomas Kuhn’s use of paradigms, or epistemologically, as ek classical positivism and its offspring.

Theorie und ErfahrungZweiter Halbband: Gould and Robert S. English translation by E.

Letters and correspondences “Briefwechsel”, P. London and New Yorkpp. Vatican Citypp.

Eine Briefwechsel mit Paul K. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. A Philosophical AnalysisNew York: Feyerabdnd to volumes 1 and 2 Historical background: The Delaware SeminarVol. Canton MApp.

The Works of Paul K. Feyerabend

German translation by Margrit Soland: Eine Biographie”], Der Spiegel Introduction to volumes 1 and 2 PART 1: Portuguese translation by Octavio Mendes Cajado: Supplementtiejpo. Chicago [], pp.


Partial almost complete Polish transaltion: New York []]Common Knowledge1: Ethics and PoliticsWilliam R. Davis edsBasil Blackwell: Hamburgpp.

Einleitung Wissenschaft als Kunst English translation: Wider den MethodenzwangSuhrkamp: Part II”, Philosophy of Science Continental Philosophy categorize this paper. French translation by Matthieu Dumont and Arthur Lochmann: La science en tant qu’artAlbin Michel: Spanish translation by Angel Barahona: Briefwechsel Band 1W.

But science offers not one story, it offers many; the stories clash and their relation to a story-independent “reality” is as problematic as the relation of the Homeric epics to an alleged “Homeric world.

Tarozzi edsWorld Scientific Pub.: The questions reach their polemical aim only if one assumes that the results of science which no one will deny have arisen without any help from non-scientific elements, and that they cannot be improved by an admixture of such elements either. Italian translation by Davide Sparti: