Technology: VCL, Product: Installation (VCL), Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite. Technology: VCL, Product: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, Type: Question, Subject: ExpressQuantumGrid Suite v and ExpressQuantumGrid. Today I installed ExpressQuantumGrid Suite, ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite by using DevExpressVCLProductsexe. Installation was.

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These In-place editors were designed specifically for the ExpressQuantumGrid. Everything needed to be more efficient.

Preparing Application With QuantumGrid Controls for TestComplete

Again, this is just a property setting Changing the expressquantu,grid of the data in a “proper” DBGrid would mean rerunning the query whereas if all the data is loaded into a stringgrid based DBGrid you can simply resort in memory. Essentially then you have a loaded stringgrid not a DBGrid. Still I learned there are some decent alternatives, like the one from EhLib for exammple, that I will keep in mind.

Some of the examples don’t work. This feature is automatic and available without writing a single line of code.

Change the compiler settings to generate debug information for the QuantumGrid control. The learning curve is short and quick. So I bought the Exprressquantumgrid components. Roy Lambert replied on Jul Hi Pierre, Thank yo so much for such an extensive comparison and sharing of experience. Editing the grid in unbound mode means you are responsible for updating correct record in the underlying dataset. File Exploration is Disabled We’re sorry, but errors in the uploaded zip file prevent it from being explored.


Can you list the features you’re looking for?

In this case, you can handle grid controls in black-box mode, by simulating mouse clicks and keystrokes. Hi Roy, I don’t mind having to include ID columns in the dataset tied to expresaquantumgrid grid, as I was used to doing that with the dbgrid from DevExpress too otherwise it could sometimes not select a single row for example as they were not unique anymore.

Thanks, Thomas On Since I only have experience with the DevExpress grid, and I don’t have the time to test other ones, and since the DevExpress one has been recommended often, I think I’ll go for this one The ability to summarize data Count, Sum, Avg, etc. It does install the D edition on the same box. A careful eye to Resource usage to minimize the problems encountered using VCL windowed controls.

TMS has advised that the missing files are probably due to a faulty install of XE2. In a stringgrid all of the data is loaded into memory, with a big dataset this can a use up a lot of memory and b take quite a while. Full MS Intellimouse Support. Move mouse over comment to see the full text. Editing the grid in unbound mode means you are responsible for updating correct record in the underlying dataset.


Suggestions for a replacement? I can’t remember what the problem was with rDBGrid. Running in unbound mode means it loads the dataset from a procedure or something completely in the grid, and then it works fine?

Experience with TMS Component Pack or ExpressQuantumGrid Suite –

There may be an easier way but if there is I haven’t found it for a want of trying. End user run time grid customization is much sharper in the Devexpress component. Hi all, Thank you so much everyone for your vauluable advice. Still I learned exrpessquantumgrid are some decent alternatives, like the one from EhLib expressquqntumgrid exammple, that I will keep in mind. Only a windows worth of data is in memory at any given time most decent engines will also have a buffer so there’s a bit more loaded as well and initial access is pretty much instantaneous.

exoressquantumgrid They are shown in toolbox choose item optionas COM component, not as. You may want to look at X-DBGrid http: Just set two properties at design time or runtime and you are on your way to enabling an extremely powerful data viewing and manipulation metaphor inside your applications.

I can’t remember what the problem was with rDBGrid.