The exacqVision VMS software records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays on a free Windows, Linux or OSX client software. exacqVision adds critical cybersecurity features demanded by IT departments , while improving the operator experience. The VMS supports. Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision further simplifies the experience by allowing users to specify the language they want the exacqVision .

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ESM has exacqvisipn allowed you to assign different privileges for a particular user to individual ESM groups. Page loaded from us. Illustra and Axis camera models are supported at this time.

The M-Series PoE recorder comes with three gms of unlimited software updates and hardware warranty. Receive an email notification when a system is experiencing hardware failures or other health events.

The ability to enable or disable this auto-populate feature gives users ultimate control over which cameras make up their layouts without disrupting those from other Groups or Views.

Powerful Mapping Add any number of maps to the client and place cameras and alarms on the map for easy access. Expanded access to preset tours: These longer passphrases tend to be easier to remember and make the login experience more intuitive, while still keeping credentials safe.

Enable live video viewing without complex steps such as setting up and configuring web services. Cybersecurity best practices dictate that passwords should never be shared, and that certainly applies to the video management system.

For projects requiring dozens or hundreds of cameras across multiple servers, adding each camera one at a time can be a tedious and time-consuming exacqvisino.

Guides installers through common configuration options to optimize the exacqVision client.

With this release, ESM can natively display video from cameras, making it a breeze to perform camera inspection. Find video based on POS searches.



EasyConnect provides the power of IP cameras with the simplicity of analog cameras. The Illustra line of IP cameras combined with exacqVision recorders provide the easiest high definition video solution. Once configured, a user can log in to exacqVision and access ESM without having to enter his or her credentials a second time. The intuitive exacqVision software can be licensed for small simple installations to demanding enterprise applications using exacqVision Start, exacqVision Professional, exacqVision Enterprise or exacqVision Edge software.

More secure, redesigned exacqVision web service exacqVision web services no longer installs a 3rd party webserver and now uses an embedded webserver within the exacqVision web service. Maximize uptime of exacqVision recorders Access health instantly from anywhere Increase reliability with automatic failover Create highly flexible e-mail notifications Reduce software maintenance time Monitor camera health.

As part of our exacwvision focus on cybersecurity, exacqVision 9. Automatically execute actions on a variety of conditions including motion events, serial data or health events. Now, you can launch an exacqVision Client directly from the ESM interface for the quick configuration of server settings.

Two-Way Audio Two way audio adds the ability to stream audio from the client to the server’s audio output port.

exacqVision Enterprise Video Management System Software | Exacq from Tyco Security Products

The exacqVision E-Series single and 4-channel, cost-effective encoders allow users to convert analog cameras to IP to utilize exacqVision IP camera servers. Set up buttons in exacqVision client to trigger external events in other systems. Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision 9.

Data Integration exacqVision integrates with more exacqvjsion 20 access control systems, video analytics solutions for license plate recognition, vmz mapping and intrusion detection.

The complete listing of all exacqVision product models and part numbers.

However, manually assigning these privileges to each of the groups available was often time-consuming and prone to error. Support for non-complex passphrases Another cybersecurity best practice is to require users to choose passwords which contain a number, capital letter, and a symbol.


Simplified Camera Configuration Add multiple IP cameras at one time For projects requiring dozens or hundreds of cameras across multiple servers, adding each camera one at a time can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

The new network video recorders let you spend more time on investigations and value-added services to your business, fms less time managing your system. Manually control PTZ cameras or define and call up presets or tours exacqvission presets. Vks, administrators can save time by checking for outdated software by simply scanning a list of users for each server.

Operators can now display any event linkage as an association which will appear on top of the live video feed. Linux Server, Client, Web Service.


Over 1, IP camera models and encoders from exscqvision than 60 manufacturers 20 access control systems Video analytics solutions for license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection Retail and point-of-sale analytics.

More Efficient User Experience Search video by intrusion and access events You can now leverage event data from intrusion and access control systems to improve exacqVision search results and provide a comprehensive security picture.

Two-way audio is an important and convenient way to ensure security in many applications; for example, ezacqvision receptionist communicating with guests through an intercom, or a security officer providing instructions to employees trying to access unauthorized areas.

This latest release adds very important controls for administrators looking to more strictly manage how and when users can access the VMS. Automatically execute actions on a variety of conditions including motion events, serial data or health events. These cues are critical for operators who spend hours viewing mvs and need to quickly understand and react to real-time information.