Sophia Waterhouse is being Hunted and the only man who can save her is the one she fears the most 2: Hunted. Copyright © by Evangeline Anderson Click HERE to join for FREE books and all the latest news on new releases. A desperate girl on the run with nowhere to hide A warrior who has made a vow never to claim a bride Sophia Waterhouse is being Hunted. Read “Hunted: Book 2 Brides of the Kindred” by Evangeline Anderson with Rakuten Kobo. Sophia Get $5 off your first eBook; Get your first audiobook for free.

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Most of our books are stored in elastic clouds, and traffic is expensive. The Pleasure Palace View in iTunes.

The Sacrifice View in iTunes. Found View in iTunes. This book still has great erotic scenes, but it also has character development and evangeine.

I’m not sure, but it worked for me. Running for their lives they have only each other to depend on. But it might hold the secret to the resurrection of their race. Still even more amazing.

I cannot wait to read it. I am not sure it was even “just ok”. I actually think I enjoyed this book a little bit more than the first one, although I definitely preffered Olivia as a heroine, she was so much stronger.


huted He seemed to be a bit more refined, and I will admit that I appreciate that more as well. It’s like an X-rated Dr.

I’m especially interested in their friend Kat’s book. Planet X Unabridged View in iTunes. You may be lured into additional series purchases in the vain hope the characters finally get a clue. A warrior who has made a vow never to claim a bride The only downside was the gunted and whinny heroine.

Evangeline Anderson

Oct 06, Sarah rated it really liked it. Maybe it was t Give it a try read the first book in this series a couple years ago but didn’t like it enough to purchase the second one. Sophia is a heroine that I supported, even more than her veangeline, Olivia, before her.

As with the other books this one was hot as hell, anderrson Kindred really know how to work it; these books should come with a clean pair of knickers or at least a warning! Please review your cart. Evangeline Anderson knows how to do it.

You get to know him evangelne this cool and collected Blood Kindred and I fell in love with him from the first time he was introduce in book one. New scenery and a new “fish out of water” element helped to give this story more life.


It seems that they have loads of warriors and there always on defensive hurt or getting captured.

Smashwords – Hunted–Book 2 Brides of the Kindred – A book by Evangeline Anderson – page 2

Deal with the Devil. Rescued by Evangeline Anderson. Sylvan is a Tranq Kindred, his blonde hair and ice blue eyes are the obvious sign that h Hunted by Evangeline Anderson 2 Brides of Kindred Series This is the second book in the series and although it has Baird and Olivia from the first book involved this book follows Sophia and Sylva.

Otherwise did like book hopefully Kat’s book as a different tone to it other then u scare me, I don’t like u but secretly I want u.

His heart swelled until he thought it might burst and he hugged her nunted carefully. I will be buying the other books in this series. Sylvan is a Tranq Kindred who has made a sacred vow never to call a bride.

Sophia really started to get on my nerves at times.