EVR. Digital Record/Playback Announcer. Recording Function. • Microphone, cassette tape or CD player can serve as source of recorded sound. • For most. View and Download Toa EVR operating instructions manual online. DIGITAL ANNOUNCER. EVR Music Equipment pdf manual download. Model: EVR CE * Brand: TOA * Category: Accessories The EVR Digital Announcing Machine features a maintenance-free design, and permits both.

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Monitoring The Sentences And Programs 9. When the program is played back for the set number of repetitions, the unit stops its operation eg the initial screen is displayed. Initializing The Digital Announcer 8. Page 51 – Setting Functions 9. Busy signals are sent from the Busy output terminal corresponding to the output designated for each program. Up 305r programs can be input using the unit regardless of the number of cards to be used.

TOA (EVR Digital Announcer) | Avesco

Don’t have an account? Up to or 1, sentences changeable can be recorded when two memory cards are installed.

The same indication ve also displayed if the card installed is broken even though it is of correct type. Sentence title input See p. Up to two memory cards can be installed in the unit. Press the Stop key to return to Step 5. In this example, the sentence Nos.


TOA (EV-350R Digital Announcer)

Two different messages can be simultaneously output to two different locations. Activationplayback, pause 1, pause 2, emergency, clear: Front panel Headphone Musical equipment Microphone Pressing the [STOP] key while the menu screen is displayed returns the display to the initial screen.

Before Starting Playback 7. Page 42 – Activation mode for remote control Eight recording methods are made available through combination of 2 sampling frequencies 32 kHz and Page 17 Up to programs can be input using the unit regardless of the number of cards to be used. Sounds can be played back only at the headphone output, and not at Output 1 or Output 2.

Toa EV-350R Operating Instructions Manual

Page 63 Pressing the [STOP] key while the menu screen is displayed returns the display to the initial screen. Input the program before starting playback. Press the Stop key to Step 5.

Playback Key Used for playback operation. Program Up to Programs Sentence P Power cord…1, Balanced-phone plug cord 2m …2, Rack mounting screw…4, Rack mounting washer…4, Rubber foot…4. Page 65 Page 66 – Setting Operation 3.


Binary mode [Remote recording] [Remote erasure] [Remote playback] [Remote stop] 8. Screen Display During Playback 7. Attaching Rubber Feet When installing the unit on the desk, attach the supplied rubber feet to the unit’s bottom surface.

Operation Procedures Busy Output Setting 9. Screen display during playback Display can be 350d by turning the Selection Dial during playback. Output Output 1 and Output 2 A for P Continuous Program PP only Playback Same as 30r A for P numbers B for P B for P 1 sentence only for each program If the program input is not executed, the playback operates in accordance with the initial settings preset at the The most appropriate method can be selected depending on the type of sound source, recording time or the capacity of the memory card used.

Features LCD-displayed operation guides and handy selection dial facilitate recording and playback.

A and A are assigned to the program No. Safety Precautions Operating the unit with a damaged power supply cord may cause a fire or electric shock. Priorities are attached to broadcast as follows.

Continued from the previous page Selects the program playback mode: