Dec 21, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis bus route by Envibus in Nice. Nov 20, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis Via Pin Montard bus route by Envibus in Nice. Relation: Envibus ligne () name, Envibus ligne network, CASA. operator, Envibus. ref, route_master, bus. type, route_master.

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The timetables for the number 1 are here: Envibus to go to Polytech. In this circumstance, you will be considered to have arrived in France no later than 5 days after the stamp date. What is the procedure for the student registration?

Shopping There is a Carrefour linge Antibes that has good prices.

Relation History: ‪Envibus ligne ‬ (‪‬) | OpenStreetMap

You will obtain the acceptance letter, the scholarship letter if applicable and the residence proof letter if you need our assistance to find the accommodation. If you are a scholarship holder, you will receive a scholarship letter at the same time as the admission letters. To get there catch the bus Envibus to bus stop Castors I.

Once you obtained your visa, and you signed your room rental agreement you can already book your flight.

As soon as you get final response from OFII to be a legal alien for one year, then you can proceed with applying for this benefit: Where I can find some course kigne I can read before the beginning of the courses? You will be required to provide the following items. First what you’ll need to do is to google: To reach the CIV, from Nice, you can take bus no.


Nice bus cg06Antibes bus envibus 1,Cannes bus cg06, Monaco bus cg06Menton bus cg06Grasse busIsola bus cg06 Students who are 28 years old or over CANNOT subscribe a student medical insurance along with the registration to the university.

Below we describe the process to perform all this paperwork at once with Credit Agricole CA. The most important paper to be translated is your birth certificate. What should I know and take before arrival?

Home – The public transports’ network of the Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis

In Nice there are plenty of shops from local craftsman to big discount malls. In France every student must have an insurance public or private. Remember that the classes will start around the last week of September. Try to learn basics of Lkgne advised.

The public transport network of the Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis

Ihe procedure is described below. Has network all over Europe and prices are quite fair. To get the diploma degree of master in France and in Europe you should have followed successfully the two years of master.

There are a lot of criteria taken 1000 account for the computation of your benefit by this administration. The letters will be prepared soon, you will receive them as soon as they are prepared by mail and to your postal address.


The bus does not go directly through the Airport but it passes really close to it.

See more information at admission criteria, Applicants who have already a master in one of aforementioned areas can apply directly for the second year of master Ubinet Having a good command of English. However, you will need to wait for about one week to make some cash deposit on your new account and to obtain some means of payment such as chequebook and debit card. In order to perform the administrative procedure described herein, you will have to bring the following documents: After the first year you will get, if you successfully kigne the exams, 60 ECTS European credit Transfer system which are necessary to apply for a second year in Sophia Antipolis or envibuw place in Europe.

A copy of your High School certificate 6. Each teachers should give you adequate references at your arrival. The right way to reach Sophia is going first to Antibes Piscine bus stop through bus number about 30 minutes or by train 20 minutes.