F. William Engdahl, Global Research, Centre for Research on Seeds of destruction: the hidden agenda of genetic manipulation I. F. William. excerpts from the book. Seeds of Destruction. The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. by F. William Engdahl. Global Research, Seeds of Destruction by F. William Engdahl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The Subterfuge of “Food for Peace”. Kissinger is guilty under it for wanting to withhold food aid to “people who dedtruction or won’t control their population growth” – in other words, if they won’t do it, we’ll do it for them. That said, as the Gene Revolution advances worldwide, the future of organic farming is imperiled – to the horror of people who, like this writer, depend on it.

He’s also a frequent speaker at geopolitical, economic and energy related seevs conferences and is a distinguished Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization where he’s a regular contributor. An eye-opener and must-read for all those committed to social justice and World peace. Back then, he believed eugenics was the “most important experiment that has ever been tried”, and later he wrote a book, The Future of Human Hereditywith “eugenics” in the subtitle.

Iraqi farmers are now agribusiness serfs and are forced to grow products foreign to the native diet, like wheat designed for pasta production. WTO is a “policeman” for global free trade and a predatory “battering ram for the trillion-dollar annual world agribusiness” part of it for its desrtuction.


Return to Depopulation of Weeds Earth. Industry demands are powerful, especially desrruction they affect the bottom line. You dsstruction learn how these corporations want to achieve control over all mankind, and why we must resist This vertical integration was revived under President Jimmy Cartera Trilateral Commission founding member, and disguised as.

Scary expose of the gmo industry. Large landowners could afford the latter; small farmers couldn’t, and as a result were often bankrupted. At its heart, it aimed to introduce modern agricultural techniques to increase crop yields under the false claim of wanting to reduce wngdahl. Its people had become unwitting lab rats. They also weren’t told that this hormone causes leukaemia and tumors in rats, and that a European Commission committee concluded that humans drinking rBGH milk risk breast and prostate cancers.

Cargill wrote the rules that Engdahl calls the ” Cargill Plan. It also financed the training of hundreds of graduate students and developed an “elite fraternity” of top scientific researchers destruvtion Foundation-backed research institutes.

Hundreds of thousands of small farmers lost out; their numbers dropped byfrom to It was a Faustian sellout, and it helped Monsanto’s stock price hit an all-time high by the end of Iraqi farmers using them have to sign an agreement stipulating they must pay a “technology fee” as well as an annual license fee.

It was then introduced in Asia, destrhction in India. The “Green Revolution” was based on the “proliferation of new hybrid seeds in developing markets” – seeds that characteristically lack reproductive capacity.


Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

From early in the s, agribusiness producers controlled US food supplies but soon they would go global on a scale without precedent. Engdahl’s book focuses brilliantly on one of them.

The defining event was a world food crisis.

In so doing, it threatens to open this important agricultural region to the “forced introduction [of] genetically manipulated plants and food products”. The technology relies on controlling a plant’s fertility and genetic characteristics with “an inducible gene promoter” called a “gene switch”.

Afterword – Marshalling Opposition.

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl

And the proliferation isn’t restricted to Africa. If you are a person who trusts GMOs, please read this.

Arpad Pusztai, biochemist, formerly of the Rowett Research Institute Institute, Scotland If you want to learn about the socio-political agenda –why biotech corporations insist on spreading GMO seeds around the World– you should read this carefully researched book.

Corporate taxes were lowered from 40 per cent to a flat 15 per cent. Without further evidence, there was still room for doubt if the second finding was valid, however, and the anti-Chapela campaign hammered him on it. All they need is to control food production.